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Story -

Abhiram (Jr. NTR) dad's final wish is to see the man who betrayed him destryed. So Abhiram has a mission in hand & that is make sure the billionaire Krishnamurthy Kautilya (Jagapathi Babu) is bankrupt. And he has only 30 days to achieve it. How does he do it forms the entire film.


Performances - 

Jr. NTR shines in his role which has everything to offer. He gets to show his emotional side with his father, romantic side with Divya (Rakul Preet Singh), gets couple of intense action scenes, dances like never before & his entire character is made to look so classy that he stays in character throughout without breaking into his usual mass hero mould. Kudos for achieving that. Rakul Preet Singh is good until her role is shabbily cut off towards the end of second half. Jagapathi Babu is exceptional as the villain, underplaying his character to perfection. Few dialogues are not clearly heard due to the bgm or not proper mixing otherwise Jagapathi Babu does full justice. Dr. Rajendra Prasad is alright. Madhoo is wasted in a badly written guest appearance.


Plusses - 

1. Jr. NTR's new look as well as how the character stays classy throughout.

2. Father-son emotion again is very strongly expressed.

3. Action scene when Rakul is kidnapped in the first half. It's not just action, the beauty of Sukumar relating two important scenes together with same dialogue stands out.

4. Action scene in the 2nd half at the hospital parking lot. Intense, clever & satisfying. From here the movie raises to a different level.

5. The whole climax, simply superb. Mind games, all I.Q. put into work. Two thumbs up.

6. Jr. NTR's dancing in 2 songs. I wanna follow you really entertained.


Minusses - 

1. Far too contrived or too technical for a common man to understand.

2. Too much talk about 26000 crores, 35000 crores, 40000 crores & even 1,00,000 crores. General Audience finding the connect in those scenes will not be that easy. Once these scenes are accepted then only the film can be truly appreciated. So this does work against the film.

3. Madhoo... This whole flashback simply does nothing.

4. Rakul Preet Singh's character gets stronger in the second half. Just when you think she'll play an important role, her character just vanishes just before the best scenes begin in the second half.

5. The runtime is too long. An intelligent screenplay like this should be narrated in 2 hours. But 2hrs 48mins seems way too long.

6. Mind blowing climax. Why it's in the minusses? Because masses in a Jr. NTR film except a dhamakedaar action climax. This is more dhamakedaar than any action scene would do but then it's all brains used in the climax & no muscle. Watching the pin drop silent audience on first day first show, I know for sure masses will find it too hard.

7. Too convenient in several scenes. Common for a Telugu film but this sort of convenience is something hard to accept right away when the characters are made to deal in 26000 crores.


My Verdict = 3/5 (Lenient for the good intention.)


Final Words = Sukumar's another over ambitious project misfires.


Extra thoughts = Looking at how audience sat through the whole movie I feel like it's a crime to make an intelligent film & release it on big festival or even have a big massy superstar to star in it. The expectations of the audiences seems to never raise higher.

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I only rate the movie as per my experience. Box Office prospects doesn't matter.
Content... Because our audience don't support a film on film star. OSO & The Dirty Picture were huge commercial entertainers. Otherwise our audience don't come out support films based on film actors or film industry. Opinion based on that as even a Kunal Khemu starrer Superstar had an interesting script told in an mediocre way but nobody was interested. I Hate Luv Storys became a success but love story was the theme not the film industry.
It's just that after all these years I know people would love to watch Srk as Raj, Rahul etc... or Salman as Prem, Chulbul, Radhe etc... But the same audience wouldn't be interested in watching Srk or Salman or any other actor plays an actor in the film. Our audience just doesn't get excited for something like that. If Fan makers had promoted it as a commercially viable entertaining thriller then one thing but they're over stressing it as niche film trying badly to undersell the film so obviously all the expectations will come lower in terms of box office too.
Only A center audience liking Fan is not gonna help. Even B & C centers should support it across the country. For that to happen we've to see what promotional campaign the makers have planned. If they stick to "niche thriller" thing, only class centers will support, masses will not come.


just now watched it.......

i liked it.3.25/5 from me.........(without 2nd half songs 3.5/5)

1st half is sukumar mark classy corporate look racy screenplay...(excellent)

2nd half 1st 15-20min are little slow(felt little bore)...it again picked up and the next 40min is superb..... ...

i think its a superhit...


How was the audience response?


i watched it in A+ single screen,audience response is mostly positive.................
keeping boxoffice numbers aside this film has changed image of ntr in class audience..

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Agree with ur review mostly. My Take,
NTR is good...tried something different from what he normally does and succeeded in giving a restrained performance that sans heavy dialogues which he known for. Didnt like the way Rakul's character ended abruptly. Pre-climax and climax portions are very good. Rajendra prasad n Jagapathi babu are apt. But when the stakes are so high, hero albeit facing small hurdles, manages to overcome them in the very next sequence. The emotional connect for the his motive should've been carried throughout the film in a better way. Some scenes of Rakul n NTR scenes in 1st half seemed repetitive. The important things like JB taking over a company seemed hard to believe....coz when dealing with such amounts...astute businessmen give so much thought or have thorough checks. Coming to director Sukumar... Liked the way Ntr n JB scenes are directed. The screenplay is uneven in some places. Film slows quite a bit after 2nd half kicks in. And he again fails to keep check on the clock....movie should've been atleast 20min shorter if not more. All negative things aside...he succeeds in narrating a simple story using good twists n turns. Fight scenes are good without being over dramatic. Overall 3.25/5

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