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After TWMReturns, Eros & Colour Yellow Prod's next project, directed by Aanand L Rai [centres around a dwarf], to release in Christmas 2017!
Tentative Date of Sanjay Dutt Biopic is also Christmas 2017!!
I Hope This time they sorted out things Before Otherwise This sounds like Suicidal for Both.
Will definitely eat each other's business..
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Sorry It's Gauri shinde's Movie..
Imtizaz movie is i guess not Finalised but For Shinde and Rai's movie script is ready and Srk has Given his nod.Not sure whether Rai is going with Dwarf script vd Srk or some other script..


raju hirani will witness his first downfall as director. Ranbir as sanjay dutt. Sunne main hasi nikal jati hain. Kaha macho sanju baba aur kaha tukka ranbir.


Ha ha.... @Greek..... Sahi bola. Ranbir as Sanju Baba... Odd...!!


It will be an unintentionally funny film.

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If a lion is injured, that doesn't means that he becomes a rat, and an injured lion is more dangerous and aggressive.........
You want SRK to back step for ranbir in sanjay's biopic..?? Raju hirani might be master but this movie is completely different...... It is not some social message + entertainment quotient film, it's a biopic, and kind of unwanted too I guess.....

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Absolutely correct..sometimes u need to take back a step to jump longer..Srk will bounce back stronger n hopefully his work will be a slap on his critics n haters..


TB, but srk is not confirmed officially.. why eros has not mentioned star cast..like adityas befikre,i doubt srk opted out of project. i really want srk to do this film not only bcoz of director but bcoz of dwarf thing.


Girish Johar in twitter::" Waiting for 2 big announcements from the BIG 'KHAN' very soon"..now lets see who is the BIG kHAN and what it is about..most probably related to Srk's two new projects..can be about Salman also..Aamir is not doing any new filns now but anything still cant be said..we have to wait for official announcement..some are expecting Srk movie with alr and with shimit amin from chak de!india..yaar too many interesting news abt Srk..if these are rumors also i want them to be true.

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A lot of things to consider here:
1.First let Srk confirm his next film (even in Gauri Shinde movie its doubtful if he is lead..but i thnk he is the lead as his recent interviews suggest)
2.Christmas 2017 is too long..before that Srk will have atleast 4 releases..n if the movies turns out to b as promising as they are looking then by 2017 dec Srk will b something unparallaled..His last movies were with directors of golmaal n tmk but his next are with directors of English vinglish, Paarzaniya, TWMR..so we need to wait n watch
3.Anand l rai n Raju Hirani both are equally loved n creative directors with their unique way of story telling..n with Srk(if he is truly involved)the film will b huge atleast bigger than Ranbir's movie(as his future doesnt luk so bright ryt now)..
4.Lastly,terming the clash suicidal is not apt as far as i think..ek do dhakke sabko lagte hain..Dilwale suffered due to poor story telling..Srk was awesome in the movie..he is an actor and a producer..story telling depends on skills of a director(where rohit shetty failed this time) n uparse Bajirao had awesome screenplay n that kept it ahead plus Srk couldnt manage distribution properly*this time eros would be distributing)..n lastly overseas is huge for dilwale(matlab just imagine if dilwale despite so much negativity will b doing $26million+ lyftym in first phase then boss u hv to admit Srk is huge in overseas-360cr ww collection cant b termed suicidal n that too with so much negativity)..domestic he needs to win his audience's trust which im sure he will do..
So,all in all if clash at all happens..i think it will b in Srk favour..n more than clash im excited to see Srk doing an Alr movie..yaar that would be interesting to see what Anand brings out of Srk.

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best answer here people


Sourav, great answer. +1


Nice.... Ans.......


Thank u all my expert bros..

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Saal me 6-7 major holidays hai. abhi saal me 3khans ,HR,ajay,akshay,ranbir,ranveer mila ke 14-15 films release hota hai. clash ke bad bhi 3000 screens mil raha hai. ab se har festive release pe clash hoga. agar nahi hoga to u & ur star are lucky.

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Absolutely true bro..clashes are going to be common in coming years..with increasing business n screens..evryone wants the best..no monopoly here..u have to fight n win to survive..even Salman n Aamir n Hrithik n all big stars are going to face clashes if they stick to festive periods

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Don't underestimate anand rai as his films also trend like raju's films. Twmr 1st day 8 cr and lifetime 150 cr wid no superstar in lead and dat too in non holiday period. Raju's all previous movies provided social message wid entertainmen, dat's why they all trended well. Bt dis time he is coming wid a biopic, dat too of a criminal. So only entertainment, no message. Thus d film might nt hv dat many buyers.
Also christmas 2017 is 2 yrs away, pehle fan aur raees toh aane do......

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SRK to star in Anand L Rai's next releasing on Christmas 2017.Official Announcement soon.
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Hmm but I guess this time Srk has high chances of winning.. because Anand L Rai movie won't have pre-negativity like Dilwale had as he fells amongst the same kind of directors like Raju Hirani.. moreover RKH movie will be a biopic so chances of Srk's movie is more.. Srk in a dwarf look will create more attraction towards the movie.. but still more than Srk vs Ranbir or Srk vs RKH.. Anand L Rai vs Rajkumar Hirani will be more interesting.. but still I want the clash to avert as this movie (Anand-Srk) has the potential to be the highest grosser..

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Suicidal???.... There is no word like Suicidal in King Khan dictionary. He is King.... And always be King.

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What if YRF announces Dhoom Reloaded and Aamir announce his next also on Christmas 2017. Maja aayega. Obviously Dhoom will win.

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Aamir announcing is quite unlikely..Dhoom if at all is announced will b huge for sure(infact it will be the biggest film of 2017-no matter clash happens or not)

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Acc to some idiots here, Raju is alone responsible for the success of 3i and Pk. Now let's see if Raju can beat Anand and Shahrukh

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Leave it bro. Ranbir will prove how much Raju needs aamir to fulfill his vision. This can be a big blunder as Sukha Kismiss Ranbir will play macho Sanjay Dutt. Sunne main hi hasi aata hain.

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For this kind of announcement, I believe only Taran Adarsh, and Taran Adarsh is yet to twitt something about Sanjay dutt biopic release date, so its still not confirmed that it will release on Christmas 2017 ! Even if they confirm now by Taran Adarsh then they will be second to book this release date as Anand L Rai next already officially confirmed by Taran Adarsh for Christmas 2017
let Sanjay Dutt biopic release date confirm 1st officially, then we will talk

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