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As it's known to all that last week,we had polls for both ItsBoxOffice Filmy Awards 2015 & ItsBoxOffice Community Awards 2015, where the nominations were short-listed by the votes of staff members of ItsBoxOffice Community. Many users participated in the polls and made the inaugural ItsBoxOffice Annual Awards 2015 a successful one. So thanks everyone, who did contribute in the way they could, from staff members to regular members.

Winners of polls conducted in the forum

Best User of the Year –  Suhas

Most Favourite User – Tie between Suhas and Dilip1555

Best Staff Member – Thunderbird

Most Promising User – Kabir (Sudeep Guddu missed by just 1 vote)

Most Sanskari User – Kowsigan

Blackcrow Award for Most Controversial User – Grand Nova

KRK Award for Most Hated User – Navoarsenal

Stats Based Awards

Most Up Voted Post - Rahil  


Most Viewed Post - Rahil  


Most Up Voted Question - Rahil  


Most Up Voted Answer - Saransh


Most Downvoted Answer of the year - Kashyap123


Most Downvoted Question of the year - Kashyap123  


Most Questions asked in 2015 – Baazigar(1413) , Suhas(1337)

 Special Award

Most Pathbreaking Series - Movies you watched last week series

"ItsBoxOffice Special Achievement" award goes to Ankit 007 for his Movies you watched last week series, the longest running series in the history of Itsboxoffice Community. Thank you Ankit for your immense contribution. Let's have huge round of applause for Ankit, everyone!


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Howcome Baajigar Didn't Win Most Sanskari User!This Is Intolerance.Other than That Charie also Lost;This Is Height Of Intolerance..
Baajigar ko Vote Na dene Wale Ko Janta Maaf Nahi Karege.Janta Ne Karr bhi Diya Toh Jesus Apne Junior ko Avoid karne ke liye Nahi Maaf Karege..
Congratulations To Dilip Suhas and Offcourse TB You Guys Deserves all The Appriciation and Acknowledgement.
Suhas Is Our Tendulkar and Dilip is Our Rahul Dravid .When They are on crease You can ball Any Movie Googly and They Give You Proper Response.
TB is Our Virat Kohli and i hope he gets his Anushka Asap..
Ankit's Watched movie is now all time Hit and Ready To Go In Guinness Book.
Rahil The Bond007 - The Only person who Reached 1L+ views :- Awesome.We Want More Buddy.You are Our Dhanawade
Kashyap Became Our Ishant Sharma All thanks To Our Users who treated him as Swapnadosh I mean DownVotes/Jhuka Jhanda..I hope next Year He Win for Maximum Up Votes.He is Good User but sometimes he gets carried away just like all Diehard Fan.
Kabir - Congrats Bro For Best Debut just like Your Favorite Actor;We Want All Time blockbuster Performance From You
GrandNova Three cheers For Jinxed Nova.He is Certified Shapit/Panauti.Guys Don't Take panga with Him Otherwise he will support You - Keep Posting Goody Things about your Favourite Forthcoming movie and Trust me Movie Ki MBA Ho Jayege ;) (Jai Ho-Dilwale 2 Biggest Achievement Of Jinxed Nova)
Special Mention To Saransh and Kowsigan Keep It Up Guys.We Want Sensible and Decent Users Like You..

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Really I am 34.How old is Jesus?.....................Ha Ha Ha agar 34 bahut old age hai to phir to tum lagata hai abhi abhi bahar nikle ho.Bournvita peeyo aur heatlh banao Munna.


We are Just Kidding Paji..Age is Just a Number.But The way You React or Give Opinion is very Mature.. That's Why Hum Mjak masti maar Lete hai..
Waise I am Ready for Bournvita bas Dudh ka Jugad Ho Jaye ;)


Yaar Yahan Bahas karne ka kuch faayda nahin............Aamne saamne ho to mazaa hai....................


Haan Paaji...
I Agree...Virtual World mai Bakc●●i ki Limitations hai.Mja Toh Sath Baith ke aata hai.. :-)


Waise paji Ghayal returns feb 5th kk postponed hue..ya prediction hai aapka.
Delhi punjab mai achi opening milege parr Overall Kaisa Response Expect karr Rahe!!


50 crore kar le to chamatkar hoga........30-35 crore hi karegi.

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where is best debut user award

answered by Assistant Director (51.9k points)

The award for new users Most Promising User... The nominations was decided by staff members...and results are declared by voting done by users...


OK brother


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......wow congo to me & sudeep also well deservingg......nd all d winner includingg suhas, rahil & kashyap123 for winning multiple awards.......jai mahishmati......

answered by Production Accountant (27.7k points)
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Woah.. Many many congratulations to all winners. And thank for special mention for my efforts. I'm feeling gratified. It's encouraging. Thanks. And a lot of Jadoo Ki Jhappi.

answered by Assistant Director (53k points)

This week is the golden jubilee
..Congo in advance... Ek treat toh banta hai


Haan.. I'm thinking to make special statics about this post.. I'm happy that we've done it all together. Aur bhai tu Bihar aa, dekh kya khatirdaari Karta hoon. Treat Ki kaun puchhta hai.. And thanks bro for wishes..


Kabhi jayenge Bihar aur hamare yaar ko milenge...!!

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Congrats to all winners! I hope you all continue this except for the -ve award winners ofcourse.
You all should be answering with your award speeches
I hope I'll get a award next year .. I'll work hard :p

answered by Executive Producer (60.2k points)
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This is interesting one . congratulation to all them who won the awards .

answered by Second Unit Director (75.1k points)

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