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Very Much expected.After Such Controversy What do you expect From Any Government.Such Comment from A Brand ambassador will give Wrong Impact atleast On Foreign Media ; Country Image and Tourism of Country..
Great Power/Position comes with Great Responsiblity and Even Single Wrong Quote can Damage Big
I accept this fact that Media presented Aamir's Statement in wrong way but Aamir gave that chance to media;That will remain the fact..
I was More Upset For Srk's Controversy because he literally hadn't Said anything..All Thanks to Friend Rajdeep Serdesai; Srk has to face all Idiotic Side effects..

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Vaild and great points here..........

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Well after the controversy it is obvious he is sacked from II campaign.

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As commented in article....... Dangal ko boycott karta hai ki nahi. Cheap leaders and followers kya karta hai dekh lete hai as they did againts Dilwale

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.....he never deservedd it.....government finallyy realized their mistake.....der aye durust aye......

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So who deserved it??


.....any1 who respects his own country & is proud of it tht person deserves tht place....no srk no aamir.....badmouthing 4 india is nt acceptable at all(even if ur wife says no need to say it publicly) from this big stars....imo amitabh bachchan better option....

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