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Cast - Nandamuri Balakrishna, Sonal Chauhan & Anjali

Cast - Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao Jr., Rakul Preet Singh & Jagapathi Babu.

Cast - Akkineni Nagarjuna in double role, Ramya Krishnan & Lavanya Tripathi.
Amidst the biggies there's one more movie clashing & it has earned more goodwill than the other 3.

Cast - Sharwanand & Surabhi
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UNINTERESTING - the reason why I used it...
1. Dictator - had a very bad trailer. Sure it's for Balayya fans but this one gave a vibe worse than NBR's Lion. Plus even the dialogues were way way off.
2. Nannaku Prematho - had an okay teaser. Highlight was the new look carried by NTR Jr. But overall packaging of the film isn't that exciting after back to back father-sfather-son themed films by A-listers. Yes the film still has promising elements in it, not denying but that's not enough promise to keep me waiting in a single breath.
3. Soggade Chinni Nayana - I was rooting for it but then the horrible trailer edits ruined it. The new teaser just revealed the major spoiler. The entire approach by the marketing team is ludicrous. Yes at the most it's going to be a sweet simple film which they could've promoted properly. With the teasers one after other killing the interest, definitely qualifies for the term ' uninteresting'.
And business prospects are totally different. A massy action film with massy superstar v/s a class family concept film added with action just coz it stars a massy superstar v/s a sweet family entertainer rather say typical telugu nativity cute comedy film with action as it stars a superstar. Appeal v/s business prospects. Here I used the term uninteresting for appeal.


I hated Dictator trailer. Found other films trailers decent to good. Yeah SCN marketing team made a grave mistake with recent promos. I guess because most audience are thinking double role and i read comments where they are expecting scenes between father-son Nagarjuna. So, they might've released new promo to clear the air. Its just that Telugu films marketing (if u can call it) is stale and outdated. They follow same format for most movies. Btw did u like SCN songs....i liked the Album. Regarding NPT...I'm not that excited compared to say during 1Nenokkadine pre release time. Still hoping Sukumar comes up with good movie. The positive thing in NPT is I found Jr.Ntr Underplaying it after a very long time.


i didn't even dared to watch the Dictator trailer......Dictator will affect only First day collections of NPT & Ceded,Guntur Territories.....


Telugu films & marketing, is an interesting topic altogether. They do get the marketing right but the good thing is they aren't heavily relied on the online marketing as an audio launch program & road trip covers the most of it. Rest the fans will take care off if & when release date is perfectly confirmed. Not like Damarukam where fans kept buying tickets waiting for whole day & the shows being cancelled.
With SCN, they had no need to clear any air. The spoiler they let out has created more damage than what they could've letting audience expecting a father-son scene. And with the son's character fighting & all, I expect father-son scene to be there. It's just the way to please the audience even if they showed it in the teaser or not. The very first teaser itself was weak so they should've been more careful. After Akhil fiasco, they should've learnt the importance of good trailer.
Nannaku Prematho, well too much underplaying won't help NTR please his core fans. Also it's an A center film but it has to do well in B & C centers too. It's just that the idea of son walking on the path of his father's ideals seems to be overdone now or atleast in quick succession. I'm yet to listen to the songs. It's Sukumar so the hope is kept intact as the most simple thing will be told effectively in an heart touching way by him. As a complete package, the movie is not that exciting as it should've been. It wasn't meant to be an all time anticipated film... Anyways that's the curse of being the first major release of the year I guess.

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I will watch Nannaku Prematho,SCN & Express Raja.......not interested in balayya DICTATOR.

but i think only 3 of them will Release for this Sankaranthi/Pongal.....................

As of now Nannaku Prematho........FDFS...........

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I liked the trailer of Nanaku Prematho to some extent..Haven't watched others..!!

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