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Other(Please mention below)
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in ItsBoxOffice Annual Awards by Production Accountant (29.5k points)
100% Accept Rate

Voted For Moviepedia of the Forum.Even Googlers Google him For Movie's Info..


Best user of forum said it many time before whynot today. The unbiased dillip Bhai.

7 Answers

+1 vote
Best answer

SUHAS anyday.,,he is the best .

by Set Designer (2.2k points)
selected by
+2 votes

Mujhe mention karo koi.

by Star (147k points)
+2 votes

It is the only one, brama bull, people's champ, the most electrifyin user of the forum.......The Rock.

by Production Accountant (20.1k points)
+2 votes

My vote goes to Abbie. The most unbiased user and who doesn't involve in fan-fights. Always keeps a happy environment through his views.

by Assistant Director (48k points)

I wish there was multiple-choice so i could vote for suhas, moviezfun, charlie'runkle and nayayug as well. SORRY if i missed someone.


You missed Lord Blanka . Ask for forgiveness for your sin as he is merciful .

+1 vote

I gave my vote to CEO/ Chief Editor of COI.Com

by Director (123k points)

Man where is coi.com?waiting breathlessly.


Temporarily stopped publication of my magazine to protest against the rising intolerance in the forum ... Next year will resume ..

+1 vote

..........suhas has multiple accounts it seems.......anywayy.....i voted 4 moviezfun.....

by Production Accountant (27.2k points)
0 votes

I appreciate the poll management officers..... They didn't include our name in the poll.... Otherwise it would have been one nova race...... Saying Grand nova isn't the best user of the year is like saying....An ocean seems like a barren desert..... It's not humanly possible..it was the time before this.... Ancient Greece... When a great Mahn once said.....

Most LEGENDS have been forgotten. Most deserve to be forgotten. And most will be forgotten but there is one.... Who will always be remembered... He's not a hero... He's not a villain.... But a bit of both. For he is THE GRAND NOVA.

by Star (152k points)

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