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1. Pyar Ka Panchnama 2 (2015) : 7/10 While I was busy enjoying this movie, all of a sudden a thought kicked in my mind, actually that's a dialogue from TVF's online series Pitchers and that's "You can never convince a woman who gives you sex." And this dialogue is bottom line of this movie. Woman.. Probably, woman is only thing in universe, everyone failed to understand, even Stephen Hawkins has accepted this fact that woman is most mysterious object of this whole universe. But if we go in depth, we can see that actually we understand woman but we're actually hooked up with them, or say it we men are bewitched or hypnotized even we sense something is fishy out there. We keep debilitating ourselves in front of women just thinking they have respect for what we are or honest feeling. But, all our senti notions get breached because there is an ambit and she just crossed that, then we get our freedom, get emancipation from bondage. And there is bliss. There you become single again that's way better than being in sick relationship.

Here in PKP2, you get to watch this whole thing captured in light moments that's entertaining as well enlightening. I found it unexpectedly good, I never thought it to be this much logical that touches core of present world relationship between opposite sex and this movie has done certainly fair job. It has come out really brilliant film and for an instance I can say that i find it better than its prequel.  Cast and crew has done outstanding job. I remember a reviewer remarked on this movie saying it depicts misogynistic psychology. And I wonder how? If it's misogynist then how will you define "Queen"?

2. Masaan (2015) : 8/10 Once I read a meme on a facebook page, "There is three stages of life. 1. We born 2. What the **** is happening 3. We die. First and last stages are quite normal phenomena, we understand cause it's biology. But, that 2nd stage of your life is what matters for all of us. And it's just complex like hell, none of technology and science could make it predictable or easier to understand. It goes on and on like you are on a boat, someone else is sailing your boat, path is endless and you don't know what you get at very next moment. Life is spontaneous and unpredictable. There is bad happenings and good happenings, but we win when we keep celebrating our lives despite all the odds. We win when we keep our faith in our boat's sailor and keep moving forward. And this is what Masaan has portrayed on beautiful canvas that enthralled my whole being and kept lingered on me. There is beauty in each expressions and every frame of this movie, there is external beauty and then there is hidden beauty that is extreme. Sometimes I felt so loud and sometimes so peace. And that's what makes it a strong film both on style and substance, one of the best of this year. It's surely one of the eminent new age movie came out in last few years. New directors have been doing great job this year with their debuting movie and Neeraj Ghaywan with his debut in Masaan assures content based movie will be flourishing in his spectre. Rest of department has done their most honest job. Beauty of Banaras is still vivid in my head along with many other intense moments. Give it a watch.
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Masaan - The best movie of 2015 along with Talvar...The film exhibited life in an unique way...Richa Chaddha has easily given the best female performance this year 5/5
Titli -- Exposes the raw bitter truth of life... A story said in the most crude manner possible..4/5
Sicario -- Enthralling Thriller...One of the finest I have watched..Cinematography is excellent. 8/10
Revenant -- A treat for Cinema lovers...Gripping Story..Di Caprio is superb as always.. 9/10
Hateful8 -- Good but screenplay was too slow... bored 6.5/10
Steve Jobs-- A cool film.. loved it 7.5/10

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So, you *** before movies getting theatrical release. Shame on you.

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Raviteja BENGAL TIGER 5/10.
Lone ranger 6/10.
49 O - 5.75/10.
National treasure 8/10.

answered by Second Unit Director (73.4k points)
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Brothers (3.5/5): It was a decent movie but nothing beats Warriors. The first half was quite slow...nothing really special. Some parts were good like Jackie Shroff's flashback scenes and MMA tournement fight scenes (Including the climax) which were handled very well. Jackie Shroff gives a brilliant performance and looks convincing in his father role. Akshay suits his role and acts very well. Sidharth is alright but he couldn't live up to Tom Hardy's performance and his role didn't have enough character development. Karan Malhotra should have focused on Sid a bit more in order for people to care about him e.g. screen time and character development. Akki and Jackie had their own storyline hence why the focused seem to be on these two more than Sid. Anyways, its a watchable movie but I felt critics and audiences were too harsh on this film.


Andaaz (2.5/5): This was a suprise Hit in 2003 but the script of this movie falls flat. First half was decent as Akshay Kumar & Lara Dutta share superb chemistry. Then the second half is where things started to get boring with Akki and Priyanka's scenes which they did together. The climax was predictable and it had a stupid twist. Akshay Kumar is my favourite actor and he acts very well on screen proving that he's capabale of doing romance. Lara Dutta was very good. Priyanka Chopra overeacts in the begnining but her acting got better when she starts being jealous and cruel to Lara.

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Nirbaak(bengali) 3/5
ABCD2 3.5/5
(0.5 because of the last scene)

answered by Production Accountant (21.3k points)
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DILWALE- (5.5/10) - average , saved by srk- kajol pairing and few good moments between them.

answered by Production Accountant (20.5k points)
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Bajirao Mastani-4.5/5
Excellent movie.SLB proves he is one of the best directors again.All leads were fantastic.It keeps you thoroughly engaged.Faadu dialogues.
Well i expected a better movie here.I guess they didn't get much right.Maybe they were in a hurry of releasing film in time.SRK-Kajol were best in movie.Some comedies did work.A good family entertainer.Songs are awesome.The movie doesn't deserve such bashing and negativity.

answered by Star (141k points)
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  1. The Good Dinosaur 3D (2015) = 5/10 (Not bad, too predictable)
  2. Silver Linings Playbook (2012) = 7/10
    First Time Watch = The Good Dinosaur
answered by Mega Star (248k points)

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