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Sad...these things happens always with Srk movies ....damn!
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Kaha bola wo aisa.......................



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I have already said film is suffering huge loss of 40-50 lakh due to protests all over India...

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Yes completly agree with you 8-10 cr already lost due to this poor srk...
Why god why all this happen with srk only last year (according to srkians) pk got benefit due to all protest but here dilwale is loosing collection...

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can't find. Yes I know it had to face protest but no shows got cancelled and specially on the opening weekend as people watched the movie in the weekend and after that the issue of religion begun..


Bro pk collect 150 cr + after 1st week and due to protest it also loose some business as many people decided not to go with their family due to aggresive protest...


after first weekend it was bound to do well due to good WOM. But here Dilwale is losing their few lakhs or maximum around 1cr due to shows got cancelled.


So what it also get free publicity which create more hype for the movie result more footfalls...

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Yh I am very sad r else Dilwale would have crossed 30 cr today.

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ROFL What an excuse
Now I can say Aamir's PK lost 100 crore due to boycott last year, otherwise it would have done 430 crore in India.

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880 shows of Dilwale got cancelled..............

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