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no Srkian is in side of BOI but we are laughing on the face of haters as they were laughing about Dilwale when boi posted of 65% occupancy and now when the same site posted it you guys are against now...hahaha double face...

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Wait for tommorrow...
Aoi, Soi, srk haters etc etc etc etc
Simple yaar they need some support /EXCUSE to hide their incapability.
I heard lic open a new policy
Stardome ke saath bhi
Stardome ke baad bhi
Start karte hi bohny ho jayegi

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please don't write English bro, its called stardom not stardome got it........


Maan gaye bhai tujhe...
Srkians ki tragedy ho gayi hai phir bhi comedy sujh rahi hai.

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Bhai kch tou sharam kro

Salman Fans WO hain Jo

1st day par Prdp39crHNY36cr trend krte hain
Aur end mein

Prdp 400cr

Sharam kro beta kch tou sharam kro

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Are you Educated i mean do you understand english, if yes then kindly please go through it again
i clearly mentioned i dont trust or believe or find it better site but many aamir and salman fans do , thus posted it and mentioned some many times please dont call it now srkboi.com

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