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DILWALE = 1.5/5
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post the ratings .....


I have added the ratings too...
Anupama Chopra 1.5/5 to Dilwale. Aniruddha Guha 2/5 for Dilwale.

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Ha ha ha ha Is ne to Srk and and Srkian ki Le Le We.What a chemistry between Varun and Srk .who is actress in this movie Srk or kajol

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Plz Post Aniruddha guha's Dedh Minute Ka review of Kick and PRDP :p

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As far as I know, he was on vacation, proposing his girlfriend for marriage during Oct-Nov, so he didn't review PRDP.
And he started Dedh Minute review youtube channel by reviewing Happy New Year as it was the first video... So HNY chalega?



Thank God he went on Vacation...First i wondered watching prdp what i am watching why i am watching...Well there are many positive reviews of Dilwale as well and some negative of Bm..hope u also had posted..By the way bro where were u...And wanted to see ur prdp review...


Others have been posting reviews... Rather than Rajeev Masand, Raja Sen I thought it's better to wait & post Anupama Chopra-Aniruddha Guha's as they're for real fans of Srk as well as Srk-Kajol pairing.
Have been very busy lately... That's why had to stay away from the forum as couldn't spare any time for it. Being busy, I couldn't write a review for PRDP, but did tell lrdwhelp, puneet & tyler durden that I didn't like the film as well as what went against the film when they last chatted with me on ****.


Well i believe u why quote other people..even i am gonna be busy for months post sunday....Go get ur life...By the way what are u doing..As a profesion

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