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What Are You Doing In Theatre. Tumhare Toh Friends Family Koi Interested Nai Tha.


I saw in review I l neve watch Srk movie's


Best part is Aunty jee went For Morning show.
I mean morning before 10 o'clock Show.

Itna Excited to Karan khan bhi nhi tha Jitti Uttejit (excited) Aunty ho gye.

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Who?Salman aunty????????

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Tiger aunty.................!

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fake. real ye hai bhau. One lady just said ek bar or dekhne aaungi vese to 17 bar dekhungi. Audience reaction extremely Positive. #DilwaleDay

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Aunty prdp dekha hoga tv pe hahahaha

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Same aunty said Main Aur Mrs Khanna & Yuvraaj are best movies of Indian cinema

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