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abhe se srk k bahanay start...

.raees record nahe todegi koi its a slow film. (srk)
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this is your life ...srk fans' life......living the world of.......WHAT IFs......
oh what if... ra.one had a good wom, oh what if there was no clash of jthj and dilwale, oh what if don 2 didnt have negativity of ra.one..... oh what if srk really had loyal fans who dont download his movies and watch his movies in theater.


u always talk about ra.one,jthj but never talk about jai ho
jai ho is a masala movie not sci fi romance lkin 110cr kyu specially salman 1 yr bd aaya tha


because there is one underperformer jai ho for salman khan ..... but there are so many MNIK, DON 2 RA.ONE JTHJ HNY..... for srk. and even a jai ho ....has more footfalls then all of these movies other than HNY. other than that..........srk has never seen the face of 210cr. while salman khan has crossed 315cr.


Raone had more ff wake up nova.
Btw Underperformer MNIk >>> Blockbuster Ready Jai Ho Even Dabbang.

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No no u r wrong Srk will never lost his track record says everything.And he will give buy one get one tickets free to his fan's

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abhe aik aur advertisement theory lai k aya hai.....first increased the ticket price and then...says....... return the ticket of Dilwale and you'll get 10% money back. hahhahahaha...seriously


Ha ha ha ha he knows his fans don't watch movie's in theatre so he will beg again to his fan's come and watch with free tickets


Ha Ha Ha do bhikari king ka mazzaq bana rahe hain.............Ha Ha ha khud ki kaccha khardidne ki aukaat nahin..........Abe Bhai ti bheek maangta tha 2000-2009 mein Ha ha ha ha 2 r kr fan

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1/4 hahahaha ok.Like Main Aur Mr Khanna did against Blue and All The Best.

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if raees got positive wom and sultan also got positive wom then
raees 150cr
sultan 150cr
worldwide raees 350cr
sultan 300cr


raees 900 screens k sath 150cr karay gi ??? lol


Abe thoda ntezaar kar Ha Ha ha 900 Ha ha ha....dharti ka bhoj.


abe kya spna dekh rha hai raees aur 900 lgta hi tujhko lgta hi sultan 900 pr aayegi
everyone include srk sallu fans knows if both movies realese same date screens will be equal aur ye sala **** nova 900 ke spne dekh rha hi

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hahaha so small Salman is that any actor amongst top 10 Bollywood stars can collect 1/4th of sultan with clash...so don't even dare to think about SRK.

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.....poor srk against sultan.....he can't face that ginormous wave,...nor can he run.....


Ha Ha Ha bechara kya sapne dekh raha hai.Bhai ki pant utar jayegi aur terti pant mein nikal jayegi.


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Ha Ha Ha a gaya lallu ka lallu..................................

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U guys such shameless, forgot what's happened before, that's why people say u & ur star born in 2010

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