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I wanna write a review about the music album of Dilwale.Actually Dilwale music album contains a variety of songs including romantic,party and sad numbers.

01.Gerua- This song is very soothing and good to hear for listening.SRK-Kajol chemistry has redefined romance in this song.Arijit's vocal is excellent so as Antara.

Rating- 4.5/5

02.Manma Emotion Jaage- This is a party track that will feature Varun and Kriti.At first listen,song was average for me.But now I find it quite catchy.I thought song will not be chartbuster but it proved me wrong.It's playing here and there in my country!

Rating- 3/5

03.Janam Janam- This is the best track from the album for many people.Listening to it was heavenly experience.Arijit and Antara's voice is just magical and out of the world!  Seems like Arijit Singh has just felt the lyrics of this song while singing.Biggest chartbuster from the album and best song of the year also! SRK-Kajol magical chemistry will give this song an edge for turning into a chartbuster.

Rating- 5/5

04.Tukur Tukur- It's simply a funny track with funny lyrics.It'll do what Lungi Dance and Dance like a chammiya did in SRK starrer! Though it might not be huge like Lungi Dance but it'll surely give  a buzz to film.But it's the worst song from the album for me!

Rating- 3/5

05.Daayre- Arijit Singh has just nailed it in this song.I heard KK was the choice for this song.But Arijit has proved it that he isn't less perfect for this song! For me,it's the best song from album!

Rating- 5/5

06.Premika- While Pritam sang this song at "Gerua" launch,it was touted to be an instant chartbuster upon release.Yes,it's true! Benny Dayal And Kanika Kapoor's energetic vocal will make it an instant chartbuster after releasing! Don't be surprised if it's being played frequently in your area during Christmas and Happy New Year occasion.

Rating- 3.5/5

07.Theme of Dilwale- It's more of the mixing tune of the songs mixed by DJ Chetas.If you wanna get to taste the whole album in less than 4 minute,then listen to this.

Rating- 4/5

So overall 4/5 for this future chartbuster album of "Dilwale".This album will do what VS albums couldn't do for Chennai express and Happy New Year.After a long break of 7 years we got to see the best album in SRK starrer after RNBDJ! Though Ra.one album was chartbuster but it was too classy.But Dilwale is a album for class as well as mass audiences! All Credit goes to one man army-Pritam Chakrabarty and singers also! Amitabh Bhattacharya has proved he's one of the best lyricists in town!

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Gerua - 3.5/5 (Good song, not of the kind that will make you like it instantly but it will grow after repeated listening.)
Manma Emotion Jaage - 3/5 (Catchy lines, music is average but still song is a slow poison amongst youths)
Janam Janam - 4.5/5 (You'll love it instantly, potential Chartbuster and the voice of Arijit makes it even more perfect)
Premika - 4/5 (This one is an instant chartbuster, it has all the potential to be a rage amongst youths)
Daayre - 4.5/5 (Very good song, amazing and soulful. Arijit nailed it once again.)
Tukur Tukur - 3.5/5 (Average song, But again Arijit nailed it & will be a big song)
Overall, 4/5. Album of the year, having everything, Youth songs (Manma,Premika), Romantic track (Gerua, Janam Janam, Tukur Tukur) & a sad song (Daayre).

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dont know will it happen or not bt my heart says tukur tukur will be a huge hit.

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Best album of the year so far no doubt.Pritam has nailed it again.And Arijit rocks.Janam Janam,Daayre and Gerua are the best songs.Its going to be rage.And Manma Emotion and Thukur Thukur are catchy party type songs.Premika is very good and theme song is again rocking.4.5/5.

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