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Prem Ratan Dhan Payo has grossed 188 crore nett approx in two weeks as it grossed around 24.25 crore nett in its second week. The film put up fair figures in Gujarat / Saurashta, Rajasthan, CP Berar, CI, Bihar and in the Marathawada side of Nizam circuit but rest of India was down to low levels. The business in Delhi city was very poor as it could not even collect 1.50 crore nett in the capital in week two.

The film was again driven by Mumbai circuit which has now grossed around 70 crore nett beating films like Chennai Express and Kick. The film has come down a fair bit in week two and with Tamasha releasing this week there will be another big drop thid week.


The film will find it hard to hit the 200 crore nett mark in its Hindi version as collections on its third Friday are certain to be less than 1 crore nett. The film has an outside chance to reach 200 crore nett with its Tami and Telugu versions but even that is an outside chance.

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo grossed a huge 163.89 crore nett in its extended eight day week. The film was hugely aided by a 60 crore nett plus figure in Mumbai when meant a 37.11 % ratio circuit. the Gujarat / Saurashtra ratio of Mumbai circuit was nearly 50% as it notched up close to 29 crore nett.

The film grossed a huge 60 crore nett plus in single screens as it performed very well in the smaller centres. The single screen business is a bit more than the first week of Bajrangi Bhaijaan which was a seven day week.

The footfalls were the second highest ever as it sold 1.90 crore tickets apprx over eight days. Bajrangi bhaijaan crossed 2 crore while PK was at 1.81 crore. Both Bajrangi Bhaijaan and PK are seven day figures.

Below is the first week (8 days) territorial breakdown of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (Hindi). The film also collected around 1.75 crore nett in Telugu and Tamil.

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo First Week Territorial Breakdown
Territory Nett Gross Territory Nett Gross
Mumbai 60,79,00,000 Delhi / UP 28,35,00,000
East Punjab 12,98,00,000 Rajasthan 12,96,00,000
CP Berar 11,03,00,000 CI 7,78,00,000
Nizam / Andhra 8,43,00,000 Mysore 6,17,00,000
Tamil Nadu / Kerala 1,21,00,000 West Bengal 6,77,00,000
Bihar 3,98,00,000 Assam 1,42,00,000
Orissa 2,02,00,000
TOTAL- 1,63,89,00,000
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Yeah, increase for every star but decrease for only srk as per frickin usual........

by Mega Star (214k points)
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6 days 143cr tha
Tb kaha ki 8 Day Week :- 155-157cr hoga kch din gap krke
Week 160 se diya
Aur ab 164cr kr diya Wahh BOI hahahhaha

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So First Week is around 164 Cr BOI....Where's The manipulation....

by Producer (103k points)

@Puneet Its an 8 day first week (Thu-Thu) as BOI mentioned...dont know abt official figs though. Are 8 day official figs are 164cr...i dont think so. Anyway 2 week official figs are 203.53cr. So ya 15.5cr diff in hindi only. Its in same range of other biggies like CE had 19cr, Kick had 21 cr, I think Hny total producer fig is 203cr for all languages(not sure)....BOI only hindi is 178cr i even HNY diff will also be around 20/21cr (if regionals are included to BOI figs) only. So a 20cr diff (end of run+regional collection diff) for prdp is same as CE,Kick n HNY.


Regional Versions added haun Producers collection main...12 Cr manipulation for Hindi version that's pretty much acceptable unlike 20 Cr manipulation for CE and HNY


Kisko bluff kar raho bhai...kuch bhi bolega to maan jaaunga kya. Btw i didnt criticize prdp...
Remove 3rd weekend get only hindi version 2week collection. It will match with this.
Btw if u want other sources check this
Here even after 3rd weekend Trade fig is 186.23 cr only. Trade fig in 3rd weekend is 2 week fig is 183.29cr acc to them
And if u still want to prove its only 12cr diff...bring sources.


Sorry 15 Cr manipulation according between Producers and BOI...Earlier it looked like it would be more but now 15 Cr like ETT

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6 days 143cr tha

Tb kaha ki 8 Day Week :- 155-157cr hoga kch din gap krke

Week 160 se diya
Aur ab 164cr kr diya Wahh BOI hahahhaha

by Casting Director (19.9k points)

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