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The movie "Tamasha" for me is a masterpiece. The storyteller in Imtiaz Ali is a magician and he weaves a fantastic story around 2 very relatable, likable characters Ved & Tara. Slowly and slowly as a viewer you get sucked in their world and then into their psyches. Beautifully shot, each and every frame is a labour of love. And yes, Imtiaz is self-indulgent, moody, in no hurry but i for one will never complain. Loved it totally. Second movie after Bombay in 1995 that will stay with me forever.

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The Movie Revolves Around A Character Who Lives And Emotes His Dreams. Dreams That He's Been Watching Since His Childhood, Dreams That Help Him Fight His Demons; The Monotony Soon Creeps Into The Life Of Our "Hero", And Such Is Its Impact That The Dreams No Longer Exist, So Much So That The Mirror Now Only Reflects A Plain Shadow Of Him.
Tamasha, Essentially, Is A Very Complex Film, But Is Also A Journey. I Leave It Right Here, The Rest Of It Is How You Look At It.
About The Performances, Ranbir Is At His Best In This One - The Way He Portrays The Troubles Of A Conflicted Soul Is Scintillating To Say The Least. Well Deepika Is Irritating In Some Scene But Its Ranbir's Show All The Way. Piyush Mishra And His Narrations, They Certainly Build A Different World For You.
As For Imtiaz Ali, He's The Storyteller You Always Wanted In Life. He Shows You The Mirror, In Each Of His Movies.
Also For Me, More Than A Love-story, Tamasha Is An Introspective Tale.

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Agree with Anand, very well written man.


Thanks Anand & Filman. ;-)


Short But Good One. Well Done Rajat


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Simple review - Ek number chu picture.

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Bhai Anurag ki lag chuke hain. Boring salman 200 crore deta hain aur Exciting Ranbir poore 5 crore ka opening deta hain.


Very well said Greek bro...

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This TAmasha is not for everyone !!

those who are searching themselves or who have lost themselves in playing the other's life this movie is for you !!

More the critics bashed it , the excitement inside me to watch the movie goes high and high and Tamasha stands by my expectations , Movie lacked script but direction and performance of RK saved it .


Tamasha starts with tamasha itself where Rk plays a robot machine whose heart have been badly damaged , imtiaz by his style takes you to beautiful journey of old epics and then BAng its corsica where TARA AND VEd meets and decides not to reveal their identities and enjoy the holidays together , days passes and one has to leave . What happens next you have to find out .

Screen Play and Direction

Screen play is good movie starts slow and corsica parts may not go well as there doesnt seems any logic in it , movie picks up before interval and there after it's Imtiaz's and Ranbir's show .Deepika is irritating in whole movie and may be that's why she had no more then 2 scenes in 2nd half . Talking about direction imtiaz's touch in first half was missing while i think second half balanced it .


It was all ranbir's show and again people would love watching him , deepika looked irritating and becomes lean to more lean and again more lean which shows how sad is heer .


  1. Big mention to performance from ranbir
  2. Screen play
  3. MUSIC ( I can say give 40% credit to music by rahman sir , give rest 60 % to imtiaz and rk for their stand out performance )
  4. That scenes where ranbir fights himself though it seems similiar to rockstar but yet can be enjoyed


  1. Corsica part yeah it was too over the top
  2. Movie lacked script , seemed streched

Ratings and final verdict

Movie - 3\5
If non linear , irregular love story doesn't rips you off TAMASHA is worth a try .

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AFTER A LONG TIME OF TWO YRS RKDP Are back with bang. Whats to say about trio rk imtiaj rahman.they jst nailed it in movie. Script- if any thing which is minus quantity in the movie is its script .imperfect. Direction-imtiyaj sir best story teller in b-town.he is amazing. Acting-ranbir has given another filmfare award acting.dp is awesome in his role. Cinematography-At its best. Overall 4/5

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Oh. the movie gets 4/5 from you. cool. only one minus point. superb! but dude that's the "SCRIPT"!!? how can a movie get 4/5 which has an imperfect script. that's the main ingredient of a good film without which film can never be a good one.


Criminal, not really....the story can be not so great but the entertainment and screenplay could save it.


But I don't think a film can get 4/5 without a good script. Without it at best maybe 3/5 or 3.25/5. 4/5 is too much.

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Tamasha - A complex tale with a great poetic feel to it .
Firstly , I have not been a fan of Ranbir but I have to say that he is stupendous and heart and soul of the movie. More on that later.

STORY - The movie narrates about a boy Ved entangled between reality and fantasy of stories in childhood. And even when he grows up he is still stuck b/w it as he is unable to understand himself until some heartwrenching events take place . This happens due to Tara ,a girl who falls in love with disguised side of Ved in Corsica , and later finds out he is completely different in his daily life. What happens after is the main crux.

Direction and other aspects - Imtiaz Ali has handled quiet a complex story in a very poetic way . 1st half is full of stories and entertainment in scenic corsica . In 2nd half Ali goes back to rockstar days but in a much better way this time. The climax is presented well though it remains a little undercooked. Overall Imtiaz impresses again. As far as other things are concerned , editing is good , music by AR Rehman is excellent and blends with the screenplay seamlessly. Cinematography is outstanding. Dialogues are mixed. They are poetic and entertaining in 1st half and realistic and dark in 2nd half .
Performances- Its Ranbir show all the way. He looks good and acts brilliantly . He has a lot of screentime and he does complete justice to it. Deepika is great in 1st half but has little screen time in 2nd half. Other characters provide required support .

Overall - This is a good effort by full team. Ranbir is in full form .Deepika is underutilised. The movie will be a success if it strikes a chord with the youth which it should.

RATINGS- 3.5/5 .

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Watched, TAMASHA....& itz as boring as nething can get..Ranbir was Fab, Songs nyc so was To sum extent Story, Superb Cinematography, Deepika gud but stupid screenplay, uneven direction, & disgusting editing ruined evrything...hugely disappointing...2/5

moreover IMITIAZ dissapoints

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Tamaasha - wanna be Hollywood garbage

The movie kicks off with a boy obsessed with stories. And on the opposite side we have a comic obsessed girl the two somehow met in Corsica, In a totally unrealistic way they both carry on their bullshits and then comes a song from nowhere with tedious dance moves which are totally uneasy to our eyes. By that time you realize that your money is gone and you are in for a tortures for two-three hours. The story catches your interest in midway when Ranbir and Deepika comes to their normal lives and you feel that you might see sensible second half, but when post interval portion starts it again goes to wanna be Hollywood style couple quarrels and it gets boring boring and boring from there on.

Ranbir and Deepika kissed like they are brother and sister from Italy. I don't understand why we should follow Hollywood when we cannot even copy properly.

Deepika Padukone seems irritating while performing"cool" and "careless" teen. She gets very uneasy trying to act too hard to be realistic. By the grace of god in second half we see her barely for 10 minutes just crying.

Ranbir looks too uncomfortable in first half, it is in second half when he shines. He performed exceptional in second half. Bravo to Ranbir and two thumbs up for him alone.

Music absolutely sucks.

I am giving 0.5/5 to this movie. As the movie approaches in second half, you will literally pray for it to finish quickly but it keeps going on until you lose total control.

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whole review is funny but this part 'Ranbir and Deepika kissed like they are brother and sister from Italy' ....i mean what Italy did bad to u??

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10k upvotes for me.. ....thanks guyzzzzz

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