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Srk bought an another house at Alibaug near the sea, the home has a swimming pool and a football ground inside!

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asked Nov 18, 2015 in General by Criminal Director (134,770 points)
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source- Planet Bollywood News.

Link of this info. I want to read full details. Because i have read that SRK just hosted a Diwali party at that House in Alibaug. Didnt heard or read any Buying a new house. Also In 2006/2007 articles in read this that SRK used to go to Alibaug to spend some time in this house with family. Donno He bought it now or he renovated it or something.

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answered Jan 6 by Maruf Sarker Producer (110,826 points)
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OMG that's awesome!!!!!!

answered Jan 6 by Sanal Director (139,780 points)
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Football ground..?? What's he gonna do, invite Ronaldo & Messi to hold a 3 hour penalty shootout contest, whoever wins is better..??

answered Jan 7 by THUNDER BIRD Super-star (199,273 points)

Lol that will settel the debate once in for all

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