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Ek Raasta to khulega................Yaa Phir saara khel paise ka hai.............pak minister-unless India behave responsibly there should be no cricket with them.....Ha Ha Ha Epic Lolism.

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Mou signed between India and Pak say 6 series b/w India and Pakistan b/w 2015-2023.

Pak claimed they host 4 series in UAE and India host 2 series

Pakistan hosting 1st Series with India for tests, ODIs and Twenty20s in the United Arab Emirates in December.

BCCI never clerify on that MOU. Thats the real problem. If u signed, go there. If not - Laat maro PCB ko

by Unit Manager (38.9k points)
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Yes Mou was signed thats why PCb gave vote in favour of Big 3..

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Firstly if u read the real issue is that this time its Pakistan's turn to host series according to Mou.......
In 2012 we showed a gesture and went to India...Indo pak series are the most profitable and most watched series in the world..Last time bcci earned millions out of it and pcb got nothing....How can u let money go when u are having most profitable series....Why BCCI is not keen on going Uae it only takes a flight of two hours and there is huge indian audience in uae .Bcz uae se BCCI ko faida nai hoga....Last time u earned millions this time planning same as acc to mou (agreement for Pcb to vote for big 3) it should have been played in Uae and long series..Now reduced to short....How can everytime u earn millions and we nothing.......
Pcb has said our govt will give final decision means PM..Pm is off to Uzbekistan after his return..pcb will ask PM....What i think series will take place in India..as PM wants to improve relations and Saarc meeting will held in jan in Pak...Modi is expected to come...so cricket diplomacy and other stuff to ease relations...
In the end pcb will ask for two guarantees..First why not hosting in Uae...pcb in the end will accept but on two guarantees.
1) share of revenue (which bcci is willing this time) As these series were to be hosted by Pak...pcb will demand for its loss
2) Security of players...recently many intolerant events took place in India regarding Pakistanis..Be it Kasuri event,breakdown on bcci headquarters,cancelling of concerts..so security is an issue.
If Minister remarks are epic lolism so these take place regularly on your side.....No need to make issue of it.
uae would have been more thrilling as it shares a great history of Sharjah as you know...
Series will take place but i would like Pcb should focus more on bringing srilanka or bangladesh for short series in Pakistan..and I would see Live match in stadium

by Second Unit Director (74.5k points)

The reason also that PCB have deal with ten sports but ten sports and BCCI aren't on good terms


Han yes i forgot to mention it and ten sports have taken rights for 5 yrs for Pakistan hosting series

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