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“Gross collection of Krrish 3 has crossed Rs. 500 cr” – Rakesh Roshan

By Bollywood Hungama News Network
Nov 21, 2013 - 4:11 hrs IST

A newspaper today carried a report on the recently released Hrithik Roshan starrer Krrish 3‘s collections. While the article claimed that the makers of the film have fudged the overall BO collections to portray that the film has broken the existing records, the makers feel differently. Bollywood Hungama caught up with the film’s producer-director Rakesh Roshan for his reaction to this.

Laughing at the report, Roshan says, “I really don’t know what their intentions were, but when they asked me for the figures, I willingly gave them the same. Now they say that the figure of Rs. 237.15 crores is gross and not nett.”

“I don’t know where this buzz about fake figures has emerged from, but I feel that there are some people who really don’t bother to go to the interiors and other sectors in a more detailed way to find out the actual numbers. I know the real figures; I have been getting updates from all my distributors, exhibitors and from places where my film is running right from the first day itself. So, I don’t really care about this line of thinking”, adds Roshan.

While dismissing the rumours about the collections being fudged, Roshan also questions the authenticity of the article, “How can I fudge Rs. 40-50 crores? Is it really that simple or is it a joke to change and pump up the collections? Besides they say that the figures I have shared are gross figures. In fact if I look at the gross figures that include the entertainment tax, and everything else, then Krrish 3‘s collection has crossed Rs. 500 crores. I think they really need to go back and learn the difference between gross and nett figures first.”

Well, that explanation should settle the matter.
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Bollywood hungama is owned by taran adarsh who just to promote his crap site gave fake figures and this article is coming from that crap site shows he has completly lost it and yes why would rakesh roshan degrade his film just to boost the collections of his film he will say k3 has already broken avatar's collection so should we beleive him?

by Assistant Director (45.4k points)
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I bet you.. That fake collection agenda was started by none other than SRK fans to stop it from beating CE collections!

by Assistant Director (44.9k points)
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Rakesh Roshan Joke Pe Joke Maar Raha Hai.1000 Crore Is Not Far Away From Now.So,Congrats Hritik Fans 1st. Indian Movie To Cross 1000 Crore.I Want From Hritik Fans-Are They Agreed With Rakesh Roshan?

by Producer (101k points)
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Shame on Rakesh Roshan for inflating Krrish 3 collections shamelessly and making Indian people fool by showing fake collections..

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by All Time best! (268k points)
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The SRK fans are writting fake articles about Krrish 3 to ensure K3 not crossing CE.
Shame SRK fans.

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What's next..?? Kaabil's gross collections have crossed 300 crs..?? Kaabil gets 500 more screens in week 3 and then gross collections will go over 400 crs.. Isn't it..??

by Mega Star (214k points)