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Lootera,what a movie......Its a piece of art seriously,and sadly that's why its box office potential is also limited.......A simple story,a fabulous screenplay coupled with masterful direction results in lootera..The cinematography is one of the best ever seen from bollywood..Performances were excellent,Ranveer takes a big leap upwards through this movie,and sonakshi is surprisingly excellent.....4.5/5....If watching movies is a means of timepaas for you,if you enjoy b grade masala movies like dabangg,son of sardar,then please don't go for it..If you appreciated Udaan,Motwane's last venture,then you will like this one too......

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great....am gonna watch it, this sunday.

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Yes, nowadays its a curse to have good content in the films.

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lol ..........................
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I am hearing only good things about Lootera i will plan to watch the Movie this weekend

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I'm super excited...Boxoffice performance nt matter..if a romantic film hater like u,giving 4.5 star,den the film would be a cult classic for sure...waiting for 2mrw....

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its not about romantic or something,if the movie is made well i have no problem with that......and its not about hating romance,yes i do dislike romance i dont deny that,but a well made movie is always welcome

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