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1st Weekend or 1st Three Days Collection Comparism for Biggest Hits from 2011

Note - Trade figure always < Producer figure.
Trade also make mistake but they have change to revised.
For 1st weekend[big screen size movie] 3cr difference aceptable.

If u observed, u see that  1st Week Box office Producer figure > Trade figure.
But then Almost same.
[1] Weekend = 3 days . We only count 1st three day collection of Movies because its not fair that few movies have 4-5 days and other only 3 days
[2]We only Count HINDI Figures. All regional version collection are Excluded.
[3] Producer Hindi Figure taken from Taran's adrash twitter, b.hungama, koimoi, Bmreviews, Abo, talkingmoviez
[4] Trade Figure taken from BOI

[1] Ra.One 2011 [1st 3 day]
Producer - 54cr, BOI -52.65cr , Difference -1.35cr

[2] ETT 2012 [1st 3 day]
Producer - 60.35cr , BOI -56.11cr Difference - 4.24cr

[3] Jab Tak Hai Jaan 2012
Producer - 49.23cr , BOI -40.51cr, Difference -8.72cr

[4] Talash 2012
Producer - 47.10cr,  BOI - 45.66cr , Difference -1.44cr

[5] Agneepath 2012
Producer - 49.00cr , BOI - 45.71cr , Difference -3.29cr

[6] Chennai Express 2013
Producer = 100.42-6.75 (paid preview) = 93.67cr , BOI - 86.28cr , Difference - 7.39cr

[7] Dhoom 3 2013
Producer -100.76cr , BOI -97.25cr , Difference -3.51cr

[8] Krrish 3 2013
Producer - 68.25cr  BOI -49.47cr, Difference -18.78cr

[9] Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani 2013
Producer - 62.11cr  BOI -61.87cr Difference -0.24cr

[10] Singam Returns 2014
Producer -77.69cr ,  BOI - 76.52cr , Difference -1.17cr

[11] Kick 2014
Producer - 83.82cr , BOI - 80.13cr , Difference -3.69cr

[12] Bang Bang 2014 [1st 3 day]
Producer - 68.39cr , BOI - 62.65cr , Difference -5.74cr

[14] HNY 2014
Producer -104.1cr , BOI -93.16cr , Difference -10.94cr

[15] PK 2014
Producer - 95.41cr , BOI - 93.82cr Difference -1.59cr

[16] Bajrangi Bhaijaan 2015
Producer -102.16cr , BOI - 101.42cr Difference - 1.18cr

[17] PRDP 2015
Producer - 101.47cr , BOI -96.00cr Estimated , Difference - 5.47cr Approx
Top 5 Manipulater-
[1] Krrish 3 - 18.78cr
[2] Happy New Year - 10.94cr
[3] Jab Tak Hai Jaan - 8.72cr
[4] Chennai Express - 7.39cr
[5] Bang Bang - 5.74cr

May be Prdp on 6th spot-

[6] Prem ratan dhan payo - 5.47cr*
[7] Ek Tha Tiger - 4.24cr
(1)Krrish 3 1st Weekend Producer - 72.8cr [all version]
Tamil/telugu figure - 4.55cr
so only Hindi verison figure- 72.8-4.55= 68.25cr

Produ - 68.25cr
Trade - 49.47cr
Manipulation -18.78cr [record manipulation]
[2] Chennai Express 1st wknd Producer- 100.42cr
Paid Preview - 6.75cr
so oringal 3 day- 100.42-6.75=93.67cr
Trade - 86.38cr
Manipulation- 7.39cr
[3] Bang Bang 1st weekend producer - 71.63cr [all version]
Tamil/telugu - 3.24cr
Only Hindi = 71.63-3.24=68.39cr
Trade - 62.25cr
Manipulation = 68.39-62.25=5.74cr
in Movies by Unit Manager (39.4k points)
72% Accept Rate

reopened by

BOI figs doesnt include paid previews for CE while in producer figs its included. Rest all is fine i guess


Thanx updated it. Paid preview -6.75cr


it was started from Bodyguard as its boi figure is 53. 94cr and producers figure is 55. 31cr


Better u take it percent wise. E.g. 4.5cr On 56cr Is Equal to 9cr On 100cr which us bad Then 7cr on 93cr.

10 Answers

+5 votes
Best answer

Shame on SRK and Hrithik for manipulating their Movie collection...Shame Shame Shame....

by Producer (103k points)
selected by

Who Started It. Ek Tha Tiger 4.5cr In 57cr Which Is As Big As 9cr In 100cr.


Ha...ha...Nice One

+3 votes

In manipulation Hrithik comes 1st and 2nd Srk...They both are king and Queen of manipulation

by Location Manager (5.6k points)
+1 vote

Kyun rhak raha hai?Abhi toh HNY ke 20-30. crores decrease karna baaki hai.BOI BABAJI KA THULLU!!!

by Unit Manager (37.6k points)
+1 vote

BOI is not sent on earth by God.

by All Time best! (284k points)

Ya true but Boi itna bada gadha bhi nahi ki 3 din me 18 kar figure kam karke dikhaye.

1st weekend 2-3cr difference acceptable hai.
Lekin >4cr gadabad hai.
aur krrish 3 >18cr[only hindi ver] ka difference.

Bhai tu hi bata. Itna gada to Boi nahi hain 18cr just 1st weekend me kam kar de.
Other trade expert also said k3 is fake


Krrish 3- 198+10- 208 Crore Blockbuster,Footfalls 2.35 Crore,Matter Closed.

+1 vote

K3 weekend was only hindi version for boi. may be for many other films.

by Production Accountant (21.5k points)
+1 vote

So for Kick 83-80=0.70.Wah! Kisse Maths sikha be lukke!

by Star (147k points)

Typo mistake is 3.69cr
but whats yr view on k3, hny ?


Hny first update was 97cr while prod was 104cr. Boi changed but prod are there at 104cr. Thats not prod fault. Ab 3 saal baad agar woh hny ka 90cr karde toh.

0 votes

......shame on this 2rs biased site.......no1 gives a dman to this maniplation manipulation trumpet.......

by Production Accountant (27.2k points)
0 votes

AOI Second week pk week collection is more than producer figures..............

Special treatment...........
Pk Sunday figures........
Early Estimates 35cr......
Then they increased Next Day by 32 cr and gave 37.75cr......
And shamelessly reduced the Day 1 of Happy New year on that day itself.....
Next update its 38.25 cr
Then again 38.50cr.......
Ab agle uprate mai 40cr pakka.......

Hahahahahaha...... 2Rs site....

Krissh3 Day 4 case....
Suddenly call from Aamir Khan....
"Hey what are you doing guys.....?"
You have to make sure that....... Krissh3 would not crossed 30cr.......

So they reduced it to 32cr then 30.9cr then 29cr...........
Shame Shame on them for doing this....

For Raone and Jab tak hai jaan....
They Decreased........

So why are you trolling yourself.......?

This Question itself a SHIT..........

Who knows this 2Rs site......

by Producer (114k points)
0 votes

Krrish 3 collected around 4 cr in weekend in Tamil Telugu versions... So,the difference comes out around 14 cr....Manipulation is generally done to set milestones like 100 cr in 3 days... A 200 cr film ..
These figures don't really matter... For majority of film going audience

by Star (151k points)

Krrish 3 1st 3 days - 72.8cr [all version]
Tamil/telugu - 4.55cr
so only Hindi ver- 72.8-4.55= 68.25cr
Produ - 68.25cr
Trade - 49.47cr
Manipulation -18.78cr [record manipulation]

0 votes

Superb Eye-Opening Post. I Am Happy That Aamir Doesn't Need To Manipulate For Making Records.
Ace Follows Quality, Boxoffice Follows Ace!

by Production Accountant (27.1k points)

Oh really.
Q. Why are collections of films in India inflated and why do people report them when they are fake?
Ans - It’s a cycle which has been going on for the last few years and why would film makers give actual figures when all sorts of weird numbers are reported and you could have your actuals being compared to someone’s fake numbers which actually does happen. There was a time in the 2000's when collections that were reported were lower than actuals as the fixed hires (and there were a reasonable amount of them at the time) were not reported but at that time the perception did not come from collections. The reporting by producers gained momentum around 2009 and it was generally limited inflation but then in 2011 came Delhi Belly for which a 21 crore nett weekend was made into 26 crore nett and this started it all as the media was not aware but the industry was and saw it is easy to get away with it. As for why people report them its because they don’t have access to actual figures and can’t judge a real or fake figure but they have to report so have no choice. Most of the industry may not believe but the public who is not aware will have some takers. In time this should get better as long as a mega inflated Delhi Belly or Krrish 3 does not happen as others have to follow as if they don't their films will look small.

Who Started Manipulation. Aamir Khan Producer Of Delli belly

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