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I am interested to know what you guys think!
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As a bollywood lover - I want Film to be good...no matter what's the opening....
I remember Lord Blanka once said - Bollywood should be ashamed of themselves as they are concentrating on making good films/scripts and nothing for opening records (that time it was weekend) but now with all this so called sensible thinking - its now first day /opening day/and for some opening occupancy......but Kya kar sakte hain "Duniya mein Bhanti Bhanti ke Log hain"....

For me - All 3 Khan;s are superstars...I find it little bit stupid when u say this Khan has done 2-3 cr more...so more stardom...its true if its a great/huge difference....
But for 3-5 crores...kya kare uske liye Baniye ka Dimaag Chaiye...jahan saala Penny/Quarter/Dollar ka bhi Hisaab Rakhna parta hain...

To answer ur post in short :

Yes- Opening is important but Film to be good (Lifetime) is more important....

And u can ask this question to any normal movie goer - Whether u want film to be good or U want to see just opening records? - We all know the answer...

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Great answer. +1..............

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Opening= Hype (how much the film has been promoted, music, trailer, etc all these factors are responsible for a great opening. Eg. Singham Returns. Ajay has never been known for record openings but SR opened to 30+ crore, showing how much hype the film had before release. Without hype, you cannot have a great opening.)

Lifetime= Stardom+content

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opening - to prove the stardom.
lifetime - to increase the stardom.

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Both equally......But ultimately good movie matters...

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Opening shows starpower but lifetime shows how well audiences accept the movie. Thats why its content which has been failing someone like srk

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Hny super hit. Ra one hit. Jthj hit. Yeah the saying is true. SRK can make any movie run. Off beat mnik hit. On the other hand. Aamir offbeat talash semi hit. Poor Aamir fans jalti toh bohat hogi tumhari. U were born seeing SRK win and you will die watching SRK win


Kashyap how dumb are you? A crap film like ra.one did 200crs worldwide, jthj did 200cr+ with clash worldwide, and 100cr domestic too. Tell me.which other star can gurantee a clean hit even in his so called bad phase? Tell me how much ra.one would have done with aamir in lead? No point in asking. U will say ATBB! I love aamir but now i know why people in this forum dont like him. Because of obsessive freaks like you.


So finally somebody accepted that hny is a crap still only 180cr on a festival lol...... The least for a khan film on a festival. And Thekai Talaash the only non bb. Ce only BB. Remember this.


And plz remember u only said opening matters not content so in that way talaash despite being on a non holiday opened better than Jthj.......

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yr opening to star + holiday mil hi jti hai

but con tent fail to talash jai ho or ra one hi milegi

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And when content fails - only ra.one is hit ;)


and saved by holiday that s the power of holiday which is not for other 2 so


See the budget of Ra one. Ra one was also a holiday release unlike offbeat talaash.
Again talaash has more ratings than Don 2.

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Being a movie buff, I care more about how the film is whether good or bad. I'm not a producer nor distributor.

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Best Answer.....!!!!


Thanks buddy but i think nolaniitjee deserve it.

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Its Viewpoint.
For A Star Its Opening To Prove His Strenght And Lifetime To Increase His Strenght.
For A Producer Its Lifetime.
For Me Its Opening No Matter Whats Lifetime.

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.........of course lifetime is what matters to every1 except those 'baap baap hota hai' meme makers............haHA........

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There is not a doubt that Lifetime is much more important than opening. For example, Sholay (not sure) and HAHK had below average opening but they will be remembered forever because of their lifetime collection. On the other hand, movies like Bodyguard and HNY broke opening day records but except fans noone else will remember these movies next decade.

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Bhai mere Liye to content aur Lifetime matter karta hai.
Mother India - Hit hui thi,shayad first oscar nomination from india. [dekhi nahi, bhi kahi suna tha. Tab se aaj tak yaad hai]

Mugal -E-azam - aaj tak nahi dekhi lekin suna tha 1cr me bani thi.

LOG. Sholey yaad karte hai,bahut badi hit thi aur 15cr kamaye.
HAHK- family movie plus bahut badi hit thi 75cr kamaya tha us time per. [but BOI say 69cr]

DDLG - hit Love story and 60cr box office aur 1000 plus weeks in maratha cinema

3 iditots - Youth movie plus 200cr

Pk - First movie cross 400cr
Content Lifetime is better
Opening is also matters for fighting b/w itsboxoffice members

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