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Note = Its just a satire. Read nd Enjoy

Box office collection Fighting Championship start from Today.

Salman and Srk ke Bhakto, pls apni seethe bandh Lo.

List Of Players-
[1] 1st One is Aapka sabse Bada Chaheta oops...badnaam Boxofficeindia.com , jise Log BOI bhi kehte hai. In pe aarop hai ki ye Aamir aur salman ki jayada side lete hai.
kuch bhi ho , ye banda bada Usool wala hai, kabhi bhi, Producer ke figure nahi churata. Kudh apne hi ghar pe chori karta hai aur pakda jata hai.
BOI HNY 1st Day = 36.31cr [Hindi]

BOI PRDP 1st Day = 39-40cr* [Hindi]

[2] 2nd Khiladi hai BOI Ka Mosera Bhai -
Boxofficecapsule.com aka 'BOC' bhai. Aajkal kuch Log bhadi Tarif karte hai.
BOC HNY 1st Day = 44cr [ALL]

BOC PRDP 1st Day = 43-43.5cr* [ALL]

[3] Hamare 3rd player hai- BOI Ke khandan ke door ke pakistani Bhaijaan -
 Boxofficedetails.com aka BOD
BOD HNY 1st Day = 40cr [ALL]

BOD PRDP 1st Day = 40-42cr* [only Hindi]
[4] hamare 4th Player hai Mr. Addatoday.com aka Adda , jo kabhi kabhi Producer ke figure chura lete hai
ADDA HNY 1st Day = 44.97cr [All]
ADDA PRDP 1st Day = 40-42cr* [All]

[5] Hamare Aakhri Player hai Desh premi Indicine.com . Ye banda bhi bada Imandaar hai, kehta hai ki 3500 se jayada screen ye count nahi kar sakta hai, isliye kabhi kabhi producer figure churana l padta hain.
INDICINE HNY 1st Day = 44.97cr [All]
BOI PRDP 1st Day = 43-44cr* [All]
[6] Hamare 6th player, jo ki BOI ke Duplicate bhai BOI.co.in hai, jinone match se retired hone ka faisla liya hain, isliye aaj nahi khelenge.
Here match start -
[1] Round 1 if Prdp run 38cr in Hindi version
BOI say Prdp win
SRK Bhakkts says Boi is Fake player. We believed only in BOD,BOC,ADDA,INDICINE.
[2] Round 2 - if Prdp run 40cr in Hindi version
BOD & BOI & Girish says Prdp win.
Then Bhakkts say- OMG ! BOD is also fake player. Now we only believed in BOC,ADDA,Indicine. Desh me intolarence badh raha hai.


[3] Round 3 - If prdp run 44cr in All version

BOI,BOD Said Prdp win match and BOC Said Match tie ho gaya. Ab toss se faisla karenge.
And Bhakkts reaction -Ab to BOC bhi B.C ho gaya hai. Prdp ki taraf se betting karta hai.
Bhaktts said - there is only two player Adda and Indicine are Deshbhakts.
[4] Round 4 - If Prdp score 45cr in all version

All says Prdp win match

then Bhakkts said - sab mile gaye hai. Puri duniya farebi bhai.

So dekhte hai kal ka match koan jitega
in Movies by Unit Manager (32.4k points)
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edited by

Aaj ke baad

Just for fun..........................

3 Answers

+4 votes

I only believe BOI and even if BOI decreases it to 35 crores while producers is 45 cores all version, I will still follow BOI.
ek do crores se kya farak padta hai? Opening record se kya farak padta hai when the difference is only 1-2 crores? Majja toh tab aata hai jab previous record is shattered by huge margin like 3 idtiots, Dabangg, Bodyguard and ETT did. Waiting for next movie that does 50 crores in a single day or movie that breaks lifetime of PK.
Still hoping that PRDP can be a blockbuster (300 seem out of reach now even if family audience like it).

by Editor (82.3k points)
+2 votes

Superb dude tum to chagaye ............. .

by Location Manager (5.4k points)
+1 vote

No time for such Ch**pa......................Aapko hi mubaarak ho...........PRDP much better than HNY..............

by All Time best! (283k points)

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