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In recent times we have had a growing problem of fights which occur at times when big films release. As we understand that this forum is a host to a number of passionate fan bases, we have decided to implement a few guidelines to ensure that it doesn't turn into a battleground.

Here's the deal:

  • If you want to post your opinion about a film, post a review (a dedicated post is always created for that, which is usually pinned at the homepage) on Itsboxoffice Public Opinion post for respective releases. Note that if you can't be bothered writing a review then you are free to create a genuine, non-abusive post about it. However, if we have reason to believe that someone is posting review with sole motive of insulting the film/actor(which could cause unnecessary fights) - then their posts will be hidden and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.
  • When sharing information about a film (e.g. box office info, external reviews, etc) you must always provide sources. Copy pasting someone else's content w/o giving them proper reference is Plagiarism. 
  • Please ensure that your answers to questions are relevant! We have seen many instances where users ignore the point of the question and post unrelated things just to provoke others. This is unacceptable. 

Note: These regulations are intended to go alongside the existing site rules, and will be implemented with immediate effect!  

Thank you for reading!

Note to other mods/admins: please feel free to add anything that you think I may have missed.

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I have edited the Rules/Guidelines posted by Raja after considering community response.

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Guys, please try to understand that these rules/guidelines are there to improve the quality of the content here in the site. All your content is out there in public and the site gets decent amount of organic traffic,(Google, search engines etc) which means that your posts in the forum are not read by just the community members, but also by guest/random visitors. So try not to make yourself look like MORONS bashing each other senselessly. Do involve in debates, raise your opinions, fight for your fav star, but make sure to do it w/o abusing or shaming each others in public. Its plain and simple.

The decisions taken by Mods(Raja in this case) are solely for the betterment of the site and the community. Considering the fact that we have lost lots of Good users over past few months, we are forced to impose such rules/guidelines to ensure that there is a good atmosphere for diff fan-bases to co-exist.

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How Will We Know The Guy Watched Film Or Not.
And Dont Mind But I Was Visiting 24th October Posts Last Year And You Have Good Time In Fights. :p

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It's a matter of common sense bhai - it's easy to tell if something is genuine or not. Btw everyone knows that I use sources to make points about various things. There's a difference between a genuine discussion and hateful spam.

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Even i am the Mod.But against this rule..
You cant stop people from sharing their views...
If people will follow this rules then there there will be hardly any post on the forum..it will be boring.
So only thing we can do is to tell everyone that abuse and insult shoudnt be allowed and it can also result in ban.

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+1 for very sensible answer

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Why so much intolerance here on forum??. If anyone wants to share his views WHy to stop them..
90% of the answer by Kashyap are regarding aamir's Pk.?
So whats the problem?
AND whats wrong with downvotes??. Even i received 10+ downvotes on my tamasha music album question.. People didn't liked they down voted, what's big deal?

answered by Production Accountant (29.2k points)

Let's see if Diliwale can do half of pk!............


250 crore............

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After reading this post, if this website owner has any sense. He will remove you immediately. You want us to give good review forcefully then I am sorry it is a bad decision. Every one has different taste and liking and every should have equal rights to criticize and defend. Users should be free to describe their hatred or liking as they wish.

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I never said that users must give a good review. Post toh theek se padh liya karo!

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..............pathetic rules..............no freedom of speech...........

answered by Production Accountant (27.7k points)
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abe................tum logon ka downvote button kaam nahe kar raha.......maine is post pay bht baar dabaya... par phir bhe nahe dabb raha...

answered by Super-star (166k points)

Downvote power taken from basic users.


whats a basic user jatinder???? mango users???? aam users???


Only admins mods and experts can downvote.

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