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For me its 3I.
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It's 3 Idiots all the way....PK dont even come half of what 3 IDIOTS was even if Team is Same.

PK is the Undoubtedly HIRANI sir's Weakest Film, with heavily inspired from a far far better Film OMG......PK was just saved by Excellent acting by Aamir. whereas 3 IDIOTS was Epic.....& Epic in all Departments, ve it Performance by All Actors, Script, Direction, Music, Screenplay,,,almost Everything.

So for me Even if 3 Idiots would hav Earned say a Paltry 50crs at Box office & PK say 500 crs in Domestic BO....then also for me 3 IDIOTS would always remain a better Film than PK & more so a better ATB between these Two

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3 Idiots........................

Hands up down everything......

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For me - Its 3 idiots and BB of all ATBB for this century....only films which got UNIVERSAL Acceptance ....

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if you are watching PK then you'll be thinking its a better movie then 3idiots. and if you watching 3idiots you'd thinking its better than pk. thats my personal experience .... but then again i always skip the part right after interval where it gets boring.... and 3idiots is very long with never ending climax... it had may be 3 or 4 climax. which evens things out.
i personally ranking lage raho munna bhai on top of raju hirani's movies. because it is definitely and without any doubt.... the only sequel ever...to have no lost its charm or even... surpassed the giant expectations....
let me say something ...long time ago...when LRMB came , i hadn't seen it.... i went to a barber for a hair cut... at his shop LRMB was playing... he said pehli munna bhai i bht achi thi... ye wali us se bhe better bana di hai us banday nay.... i was like MEH...
then i watched .it..... with ginormous expectations..... and damn it loved it alot.... specially the emotional part.....
P.S. it was the same year when RDB , fanaa, dhoom 2, jaanemann, omkara, phir hera pheri, vivah, ..came. i consider 2006 the best year for business and content of this decade.

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han krrish bhe i thi isi saal ofcourse.......!! and by this decade i meant this century

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Though they belong to different category, I would pick 3 idiots on any day. PK is certainly one of the best satires ever picturized in Indian cinema but fails to stand different from the crowd. Throughout the movie I couldn't resist myself from noticing similarities between oh my god and pk. They convey the same message. It's either this or else I have not understood the story at all
3 Idiots is farcical and message oriented which brought reminiscence of college days. However, PK is a movie which is inspired from a play Khanji Vs Khanji (which was made as OMG by the play writer). Pk definitely not in comparison to 3 Idiots

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I may get down votes but I enjoyed Pk more than 3 idiots!.. Same with the likes of Rajeev Masand and Raja Sen.....

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3i Is Best ATB Out Of All ATB, Not Only Among Aamir's.

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Abe bazigar daddu use handpump instead of gun...
Warna sunny Leone bura maan jayegi.

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