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I mean no one expected it to open so big at overseas weekend of approx $8 mil . As hardly we remember any of salman's films which opened Huge at overseas previously. So BAJRANG BHAIJAAN HUGE opening was unexpected. So from where the Buzz came from ? Iam sure trailer wasnt OUTSTANDING to attract the audience. Nor Salman - Kabir combo was so Huge so attract the overseas audience in the first weekend. Yes, Ek Tha Tiger did pretty well but wasnt a HUGE Hit to whcih we can expect HUGE BUMPER opening for BB.... Yes for PRDP we can expect record overseas opening due to Salman - Rajshri combo etc but for Bajrangi Bhaijaan??? HOW COME !!!!!


So from where all the Buzz came from ? Previous Salman films also had HUGE buzz yet they didnt opened to even BIG numbers in Overseas but BB surprised each and everyone.. Be it in USA/UK/UAE/Pakistan/Australia/NZ everwhere audience came in huge numbers in weekend.


So how did that happened ? Buzz kaha se aaya Itna Overseas walo me Bajrangi Bhaijaan ke liye ?


Any Genuine answer ? Iam sure you are also surprised



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Iam sure trailer wasnt OUTSTANDING to attract the audience.
You're not getting the answer because you ruled it out right away. The trailer if not OUTSTANDING, was definitely enough to earn the goodwill of the audience. The teaser as well as trailer made them want to watch the film.

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Answer Is Simple. You Get Eid Day In Weekend. UAE Got 5 Day Weekend At Place Of 3 Days. Pakistan Matter Benefitted The Film A Lot.
Bodyguard Got Overseas Weekend Of $3mn Plus In 2011 When Eid Come In Weekend.
It Gave Film Good First Day And Afterwards It Was All Great Wom Which Esclated Figures On Saturday And Sunday.
Morever It Was Record Release In Many Territories For Salman So That Also Increase Potential.
Chennai Express 2 Years Back Did $8mn Weekend Approx In Lesser Screens And Mix Wom, So $8mn In 2015 Wasnt That Big As SRK Manage That With A Complete Non Holiday Weekend Of Diwali With His Key Territory UK Not Performing Well.

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U hav a Point & a very Valid Point....

but U hav to understand a thing called WOM means Word of Mouth..

the Factors that U hav said were all correct except The Trailer factor..

The TRAILER was received well & Specially among Families & non Salman Fan's they saw it as a departure from Salman Masala affair...so the excitement was there.

Then it was Released on EID DAY which was a Holiday in Many Countries especially in Middle East a big Contributor of BOLLYWOOD Movies, plus this was Salman's Biggest Overseas Release...so Huge Opening was not something to be Surprised.....People were Surprised cz....Salman's Films had Opened well but not in Record Breaking style.....& Later say from 2nd daythe WORD OF MOUTH caught like a fire in a Forest....& rest We knw is a Beautiful History...which We shud cherish:-):-)

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Its not about Buzz. Salman khan is huge enough for buzz in anywhere of the world.
What work for BB is its quality.
Salman's last all films incuding Dabaang ,Bodyguard, kick all are very cheap type movie. Desi bhojpuri action films which have no appeal for overseas market.
BB's content ,subject & class is the game changer.

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bht easy hai..... salman khan jo bhe karta hai kick k liye karta hai...sab kuch itna easy hai us k liye...k wo jab chahay wo kar sakta hai.....!! aur tu is k baaray mein itna mat soch .... kyun k salman khan dil mein aata hai ..samaj mein nahe.... on the other hand.... where brad pitt and anjalina jolie are adopting kids from all over the world...srk is adopting trade sites and trade analyst from all over the world.... same thing different version but unprecedented manipulation his movies.

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hahahahahahahahaha Jai ho k time pe bhai ko diarrhea ho rakha tha kya jo itni mushkil se bhi 200 Cr ww gross nahi kar saka

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So,are you saying the collection is fake?

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