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And here is the Video


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Last pic means some action. Shahrukh means not usual masala action but rather reasonable action, which means I am waiting for the movie!!!!


Hearing that SRK has done some Raw action (like we seen in HNY fight with that Korean Guy during Rehearsels). And the Car chasings they designed in such a way that you'll get a feeing of watching Fast and Furious Movie of Bollywood. Is Bar BMW's hai Scorpio's gaye, - Iamkhan8970


Who is the bride of Varun Sharma?


Chetna Pande....she had a cameo in dil to bacha hai jee.in the last when she meets emraan in airport if you remember

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Great pics. Hype for the film is increasing day by day. And still even the poster is not out yet. Who's the bride, by the way?
Post this link instead:

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