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Actually last night there was a BIG revolution among SRK fans on twitter which went on till late night at 3 am. Discussion was about the Huge negativity SRK faced in last 4-5yrs just on baseless rumours which were'nt true at all.


Surrogacy Baby

Fake Modi tweet (leaving india)

Unsave being muslim

Priyanka - SRK relation.

OUATIMD Team No camera on Tv etc etc kind of many controversies just on rumours he faced in last 4-yrs and he was the only actor who has faced it.

But when we complain few things to his team RCE (Pooja Dadhlani and Madhvi Sharma) they reply us like "Take A Chill Pill" or "Relax" . We get frustrated seeing the cool nature from his team. Later when things out of control SRK steps out and clarifies the things. How shame is it that he is stepping out for clarifying things. Where is his PR ? What are they doing when negativity is going on ? Posters are being burned of SRK on that fake tweet of Modi ki Desh chod jaunga agar Modi PM banega toh. LOL that was done by KRK but Pic was morphed and SRK's name was used and he was blamed and his posters were burned and debates were going on his name on National Media. Where was his PR that time when these things were going on ?

Atlast SRK tweeted (Inidrectly) that it wasnt he but was someone else tweet. But the game was done. Loss of his good image was damaged. Still now also at ground level people think he said those words. In the interiors like CI/CP/Bihar etc he is been shown as Anti-Indian thru ********/Facebook etc. But for intellectuals we know that he isnt as later we get to know the truth by something or the other but at groundlevel at interiors his image is still in damage mode.

Many of my friends right now are Ex-SRK fans. When i ask the reason they say he is Anti-Hindu, He is Anti-Indian, He didnt do anything for Indian people like what Salman Bhai does everytime for poor people etc. When some rumours comes for Salman then immediately Arpita steps on twitter and clarifies everything or Salman himself steps and clarifies it thru his tweets. But what for SRK ? he just negects

Actually SRK himself said that he dont have time for silly rumours to clarify no matter even if its negativity. But yaar its spoiling your image. You are surrounded by good people so you get to hear good things that doesnt mean at ground level you are also liked the same. Try to Rebuild your image in India AGAIN like you had previously. Try to rebuild your good relations with Media AGAIN not just shows etc but good image like Salman bhai spreads. Try to show your charitable side so that people get to know that you arent selfish (Like my family thinks even tho i know that you are more charitable in Bollywood).

Hurun Institute ranked SRK as most charitable star. Who knows it! He donated 25 crore.Salman 11 crore. But who is big hearted as per media. BHAI. 

At groundlevel aam aadmi wont read Times Of India, he reads local Dainik Bhaskar or any local hindi newspaper so try to spread positivity thru that. Improve your RCE team which is good for nothing.

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Your Best Post so far Rizwan....thanks for it!!!Hope his PR will at least understand the feeling of his fans.....they should be more active on such things and should take action immediately against such fake things and promote/SRK's charitable things on Every platform(where possibility) like That of Salman or Aamir's PR do.....

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Let the ground level people stay in ground, our Srk is a star.

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But pause to srk ke pass bahut hai but image and respect for srk decrease nahi honi chahiye, I'm not talking about haters, I'm talking about general people who should not think srk as anti Indian or not a good man just because they don't know the reality........


Toh Kaun bolega reality? Srk isn't some one who will come to clarify every thing. If the incident is as big as Wankhede, only then he might come out for a 10 minute press conference, otherwise he likes to neglect these things and I don't think even Srk tells his PR team to take these things seriously.


So means are you okay with these stuff ?? These things are shown on NATIONAL TELIVISION and crores of people watched these poster burned and do you thing people wont talk about it ?



Toh kaun batayega? Media knows the truth, but any news channel tried to reveal the truth? NO! Then who will teach them? they're the ones who just need a topic to protest without knowing the truth. Only people like them will believe on them. General people doesn't waste their time watching these shits, and they doesn't care about news of Bollywood stars much, unless it's something like Wankhede incident or Salman Khan's hit and run case. Can anyone prove Srk said such statement? no, still if someone believes, let them show their standard.

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I agree because my friend was saying to me that srk is not good person because he doesn't do charity and he is biased towards our neighborhood country.......... I told him truth then he realised his mistake...... And the discussion was over.........
So yes, his image might be not that good and i was shocked to hear that, but let's hope that situation becomes better

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His team is busy focusing in international platform only which is already good. Rebuild his good family loveable image in India. For me SRKs image is what Salman's Image in Mid 2000's (atleast half of it i say) . Har taraf baseless rumours. Baadme clarify karna padta hai.

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Mein SRK ko hi doshi manta hoon....... .....

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Srk had been media's favorite actor for about two decades while Salman was their least favorite.

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U are completely ryt brother.....SRK's PR shud hav taken immediate & quick actions wen certain stuffs came out in the Media....especially the Anti Modi Remark....just 5 days...My Brother said me the same stuff....how SRK is Anti Indian, doesn't do Charities helps only Pakistani people & blah blah....than I had to stop & hav to say each & evry stuff...he then replied me...thanks for providing me the info...but Y hasn't SRK or his PR team hav not come out in Damage control mode....wen such things were surfacing in the Social Networking Sites Y haven't SRK's OR team dint took ne immediate action....for me PR team shud hav taken immediate steps.

even though the Topic is now gone but still there are many people who doesn't know the reality

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