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IT IS FINAL - #BajiraoMastani and #Dilwale clash is NOT being averted. Both films would release as scheduled on 18th December. #DhoomDhamaka

So till now we were in a verge that maybe there might be any postponement here and there for either of films but seems like CLASH is 100% is on....
So that means here is the outcome of the clash in initial stages....
As an SRK fan (@iamkhan8970 - forgot password) iam analyzing for Dilwale only..
1) Dilwale wont get that 30 cr Opening day due to clash
2) No 100 cr Weekend - Maybe 85-90cr at max.
3) No 180cr Record Weekend Like PK/BB....- Maybe it'll do at 140-145cr.
4) Lifetime even at Best 250cr
So all in all Loss will be for Dilwale even if it wins the clash as its not competing with Bajrao Mastani but competing with bigger films like PRDP/BB/PK etc for Highest Grossers of the year and Industry hit with 300cr....
Sapna Sapna hi rehjayega AS OF NOW ???
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No this is my friends account.... i requested this person for psting the question... this is my "FIRST" ques or ans here after many months


Pardon me . but PK/BB are exceptional film not only mass entertainers but also quality movies.where as Dilwale is just a mass entertainer. So if it will release solo then also it will not be a competetion for PK/BB but for D3/KICK.
I think if it will release solo then it will be a great challange for DILWALE to cross kick/D3.
With clash if it will cross or reach near about KICK then it will be a winner.(If BM will not be accepted like Besharam,Bombay Velvet etc.)

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SLB After clash

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Bad news. I can understand SLB is a stubborn idiot but why should SRK be so stubborn? He should have shifted to 25th and enjoyed Christmas and New Year with a solo run. EVeryone knows Dilwale will crush BM but ego is preventing them from thinking practically.

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Not gonna believe that.... Clash will not happen... Remember two years back CE and Ouatimd were to clash even a week before their release.... But averted at the end.... !! They both are investing 300cr combined on both movies... Might be even more... And they are gonna clash?? I can't buy that

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I think raees is bought by Eros?? And Eros is gonna clash with srk?? Does that make sense even the slightest??


Nope.... Clash was averted 2.5 Months before release.... CE trailer was released On June 13th (my birthday) and clash was averted in mid may or say may end.... and SRK thanked OUATIMD team on the trailer lauch day when reported asked about the clash avertion

see the date june 13 http://www.indicine.com/movies/bollywood/we-thank-jeetu-sir-and-balaji-for-postponing-ouatimd-srk/


Eros won't want to clash, in fact nobody on the BM team wants a clash except SLB. But SLB will never listen to anyone.


did Eros actually bought rights of Raees???????i though that was just a rumor???

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Now Shahrukh Is Finding It Tough To Get A Solo Release.! LMAO. That Is Bigger Shame Than Your Movie Failing On Solo Holiday Release!

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Let the clash happen. I don't care about box office right now, all I want is Dilwale collects around 250cr and crushes Bajirao Mastani which collects 60-70cr lifetime and at the same time crushes the ego of SLB.

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If bm collect 70 cr its mean flop bcz bugdet is over 100 cr


@filman @nova Haider did approx 55cr in Clash with Shahid as lead against Big starcast Hrithik and Katrina which did huge 140cr.... Here BM is not a dark film like Haider. It has action (kings) , period film lovers, Ranveer, Deepika (Number one actress) and Priyanka) and SLB with a Big Budget ... So 70cr is not a Big task.. when Haider can do 55cr


haider promos were supreme.... songs... ao na.... was great...its trailer was ridiculously amazing..it had 5 continuous holidays.. anyways...revenge based movies have always been super exciting for audience.... idher.... its been months of sort of promotion of BM has started , promo was out ...two songs are out.... i dont see anyone talking raving about them... only because of the clash is what its been in news for.... other than Deepika padukone.... there is no pull yet... only when the trailer 2nd one releases and movie shows its real budget and scale and action... things and opinions might change....as of now.... BM na honay k barabar hai


250+70 still less than PK

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So SLB has made preparations for his funeral procession, i dont think theres a bigger idiot than him in this industry, why cant shahrukh shift to 25th???

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