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Iss Diwali Sirf Box Office Ki Hi Taale Todenge Yeh Indiawaale, Dil Nahi Jeetenge. 

Likes = 24, Dislikes 16


Overall, it's a film that does have its moments, but not enough of them!

Likes = 20, Dislikes = 22


 it is a patriotic film and every Indian will love it and if he doesnt i dont think so they are indiawalli, at last film is bit a long and but i assure u u wont be bored for a single moment so go for IndiaWaale

Likes = 28, Dislikes = 6


A Winner !

Likes = 24, Dislikes = 6


Happy New Year delivered on what it promised.

Likes = 25, Dislikes = 8


SRK has a good chance of wining Best Actor award next year.Must appreciate.Its much better than CE.Cinematography was brilliant.

Likes = 19, Dislikes = 5

EKdum ultimate bollywood movie like srk said...It has everything... Over all a feel good perfect family masala entertainer with many LOL moments

Likes = 17, Dislikes = 5

Overall, Film was a grand entertainer for everyone and has everything that you want in a movie, right from Romance to Heist. Go for it, a perfect diwali cracker!

Likes = 13, Dislikes = 2
karan khan

Its Only after MNIK of Srk that I Liked.

Likes = 11, Dislikes = 2

3.5/5 (Srkian)
2.5/5 (critic)
Super Rocking Khan

Happy New Year is not a cult movie or a serious movie. It is a masala movie for festive season. It is fully entertaining.

Likes = 9, Dislikes = 2

2.5/5 (content)
4/5 (entertainment)

.i liked this film a lot n hopefully people all around the World will join n make it a much bigger hit than CE

Likes = 6, Dislikes = 1


Go for it!

Likes = 5, Dislikes = 0

3/5 (1st half)
4.5/5 (2nd half)

Overall movie becomes decent due to awesome robbery part.

Likes = 5, Dislikes = 1


A few moments here and there and shah rukh's larger than life persona make this flick a one time watch.

Likes = 4, Dislikes = 0

Ammy Nautiyal

Go for it if you loves to watch commercial entertainers shot grandly. It is definitely logic less but provides laugh through out the movie.

Likes = 5, Dislikes = 2


Just For SRK.

Likes = 4, Dislikes = 1

Its a timepass one time watch movie!

Likes = 3, Dislikes = 0


Its watchable movie. Perfect diwali Entertainment movie. Go for SRK & his 8 packd show. I loved the film very much.

Likes = 3, Dislikes = 0


Happy New Year is a fun and entertaining film where two opposite genres Hiest and Dance.

Likes = 3, Dislikes = 1

Super Nova

Screenplay does falter here and there but later makes it up direction is good by Farah Khan, songs are placed according to situation except Manva Lage all in all it's todu entertainer

Likes = 2, Dislikes = 0


The Film is watchable but if you don't like cheap humour and forced out comedy..avoid it...!!.If you can bear the first half..you will like the 2nd half..as it is better from the first half.

Likes = 10, Dislikes = 14


in Movies by All Time best! (260k points)
99% Accept Rate

Entertaining but average film....................................

11 Answers

+3 votes
Best answer

2/5............. Might even decrease further lol
HNY proves that why you shouldn't slap your director's husband.....

by Mega Star (211k points)
selected by

@Badshah swad sugand ka Raja Badshah masala masala


badshah lol rona huh ye dekho typical srk fans.. khud ki tarif khudhi kar lena...


TB: as u say sir..........in manhoosoon k saath waisay bhi waqt he zaya ho rha hai

+2 votes

Just now i revised all d reviews n ur review n comments n felt LMAO many sane user's behaved insanely..
most funny review was of thekai100..
btw Baadshah gave 4* i can't believe lol...

by Editor (83.3k points)

Is your ratings fr Hny still same or differ...


i usually don't change ratings......n i usually don't overrate films just on releasing days......my excitement side is not that mad......if HNY had been 2.5/5 film for me, i would have rated it 2.75/5 i think at most if being biased for SRK right from the theater itself.........i really liked HNY, only some post interval n some lame comedy scenes edited n outclass choreography added at the end, it could have gone towards 4.25 or 4.5 even.......cz the biggest plus i again say was after Don 2 they tried robbery sequence which looked even more difficult after Dhoom 3 not daring to even try it......cz it takes a lot of hard work.......i guess i said even at that time, OSO had more heart but HNY was made with more mind.......whatever anyone says it was a copy of this n that, still they made very good robbery sequence.......how many bank robbery sequences we have seen in Bollywood in last 2decades......Dhoom(even that was so fast in one song), Don 2, HNY, Kaante.....can't remember more now.......but also, if u hv done a blunder with robbery sequence then what comes out is recently seen Inside Man(even though i love Spike Lee's direction skills a lot) ......so a good robbery sequence is a big plus n thats what HNY had n other films didn't


@Baadshah in case of Hny thr was no excitement tht wht cud b nxt n hw d climax wud b as we knw ke hero hamesha jitega hi na..
bt in Dhoom-3 d chasing n escaping was awesome with some never seen stunts n gadgets lastly d climax was more grippy n unexpected tht made d impact....


Dhoom 3 had that suspense which Tegil (awesome user of this forum) talked abt a lot 2,3months before release calling it The Prestige inspired double role etc.....but still it worked cz of Aamir's Samar character being so cute.......climax was not completely unexpected but had 2,3 possibilities whereas HNY had only one climax.......but Dhoom 3 had Uday Abhi jodi which was so irritating in even one frame that whole HNY had not that much lame work......but still, i liked Dhoom 3 also n rated it 3.75/5 despite it being in franchise n didn't raise the bar as a Dhoom...............so inshort, i liked both but liked HNY more

+1 vote


by All Time best! (284k points)
+1 vote

0.5/5 ..............................................

by Production Accountant (23.1k points)
+1 vote

After seeing this reviews I am laughing like a hell one is mentioned after MINK these performance is awesome ha ha ha ha

by Location Manager (5.6k points)
+1 vote

so suhas review proved it right..but saddest part was suhas review got 16 dislikes...but they got a tight slap on thier face by hny collecting only 178cr against 300cr prediction... but finally hnybestmovieofyear rocks lol..

by Unit Manager (30.9k points)

Maybe someone should do the jao ho anniversary. Forum reviews and predictions to play with ur delicate emotions


no problem hame toh emotion ek bar ayenge .. koi bat nai lekin tum logo ka emotion ka kya jo char char bar nikle te hahaha..yadh dilau lol

+1 vote

Shahrukh Fan 1 - Watched HNY. Great Film.
Shahrukh Fan 2 - Okay..Lets Trend #HNYBestFilmEver Now.
You Know Something Is Wrong With You, When Your Mind Comes With Such Ideas.

by Production Accountant (27.1k points)
0 votes

1 year of HNY thanks..Saw my review as well..I said 3.5+0.5 for Srk..Now I think my verdict will be 2.5+.5 for Srk..That was the initial craze after Srk starrer which was added by the cheers in the cinema hall

by Second Unit Director (74.5k points)
0 votes

even if you like it or not .... but you gotta admit.... the fanbase of marvel universal , chris nolan, al qaida, shiv sena, baba ram rahim insan, srk .... are extremely loyal.... their fans... well .... the way they judge and see the world ... you can't understand

by Star (152k points)
0 votes

.......haHA funny reviews....lord is blanka lord i guess.......

by Production Accountant (27.2k points)
0 votes

Comedy can go either way.......it can be irritating for u maybe but same comedy maybe entertaining for me.....comedy is ultimate genre where i think poles apart views can be mostly found......meray dost ko Mr.Bean funny nhn lgta but Kichdi achi lgti hai......yaad aya, meray baqi friends k sir mein dard ho rha tha jb main aur mera friend( jisay Mr.Bean pasand nhn) Kichdi dekh kr hans rahay thy...aur baqi sb dost 2sray kmray mein ja kr soo gaye.............HNY was laughable.....the action scene at Burj Khalifa was outstanding n many more things......n the biggest thing, no Bollywood film dared to shoot a proper robbery in recent times which i love....HNY delivered that n except that password CHARLIE, heist was very well executed
Have seen HNY just once, but i still remember how much i enjoyed it in theater exactly a year ago.....aik saal hogya....sigh.....Waqt Jharnay Sa Behta Hoa, Ja Raha Hai Yeh Kehta Hoa....................

by Unit Manager (33.2k points)

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