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Do u know the deal conditions between Salman and EROS or Salman and Rockline Venkatesh?? If yes please provide the details....i'll happily work out the economics of BB. Everything else will be a mere approximate based on our own assumptions. Also when the movie is sold in MG basis All India....profit sharing ratio varies from film to film and also between Multiplex and SS.


Only the official people know exactly how much they earned.... You are on social site, we assume, we predict....
Now just think for a moment... What if.... You hadn't answered... What difference would that have made....!! Since you didn't have the answer and answered his question with 5 more of your questions.... Are you trying to show us something... That you are some super scholar better than us all with your big words, which don't actually matter.


What if i havent answered this question? Interesting question.....Even if i didnt answer, many users would've made their own assumptions come up with their own figs. I'm okay with it. All i'm trying to say is its hard to give a accurate number when we dont have finer details regarding the film. Unless the figures are accurate....I don't understand how your or anyone else answers/calculations matter more than mine....as they also dont provide a good enough picture. So what difference anyone would've have made except some wild guesses. And why are you assuming that i want to show you people something with all those questions...i just gave my perspective on the question.


Grandy are u serious. Talking to whom. Pay respect to best user of forum.

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400cr... I would say... Im not sure... I can be wrong... He was the main producer... Baqi sab naam k producer hain......190cr for tv + movie + music rights... Plus...... 620cr worldwide gross... And still gonna release in more countries . .. Movie budget was recovered even before the movie's preproduction started..... Movie budget was below 60cr , neither salman nor kabir took salaries... Its all for shooting and publicity and print cost

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Bhai you counted movie rights and again saying plus 620cr WW gross...it doesnt workout that way. No one will be bas naam ke producer.....Rockline Venkatesh is one of the financier for the film.


Thats why I said in my answer that I'm not sure and i can be wrong.... But thanks for correcting


@dilip1555... Not really... Rockline Venkatesh had the rights for that story which through Rajessh Bhat went to Salman Khan. Since Rockline had the rights, his name was mentioned as producer while Rajessh Bhat who cracked the deal went onto be Executive Producer. In that sense even Kabir Khan had invested in the movie.


But i read Rockline didnt pay price for Mysore circuit as he financed some amount for the film. He got Mysore circuit rights isnt it....so i thought the news was true.