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Mine is the undertaker.he is my all time fav.
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Neither did I, lol. I mean, friend our pehelwaan g donon mujhey kaha hai?


ques was to Filman...........best friend k baray mein pocha tha jisnay tombstone khayi thi


Oh acha! lol. Friend zinda hai yaar, lol. Tabb sar par chott aayi thi bohat badi kuch hafton school bhi nahi aaya naatakbaaz kahin ka. WWE mein tou 3 count honne se pehle sahi ho jaatte hain, lol.


hahahaha...........sahi logic lrayi thi

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The Underrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Takeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr...........

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Undertaker is my fav right from the attitude era.He is the only current wrestler to work in 5 different eras.Austin and Rock are also in my top 5 list.But Taker remains No 1.

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Hey @sanal do you like hbk?


Yup.Am a big fan of HBK too.


my second favorite is HBK

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lil tough...but my all tym fav....during Childhood, during Teenage, & now in Adulthood.....the One & the Only....UNDERTAKER.

& My 2nd All tym Fav....Stone Cold.

the Aura, the Style, the dominance of Stone Cold was Unparalleled...wish he cud Continue his WWE career for another 3-4 yrs

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Taker is my all time favourite

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