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SOS was a bit better just because the jokes in the movie have clicked which make it a bearable movie while most of the jokes of K786 irritates you.
Moreover, action in K786 at the last totally looked forced but in SOS it was needed where it was but again the too streached songs makes SOS an above average movie.

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Both were almost same however SOS first half was engrossing and makes it better overall compare to K786

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Khiladi 786 atleast i could at some point while watching SOS I i didn't laughed single time and the film was epic boring

answered by Assistant Director (46.4k points)
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SOS - 0.5/5
K786 - 0.5/5
Question should have been , which is worst not best.

Keep it simple silly , baby .

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So which one is less worse between these 2

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Khiladi 786 - 3/5
SOS - 2.5/5

answered by Second Unit Director (73.5k points)
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Both were craps but k786 was slightly better because of 3 good songs.

answered by Director (136k points)
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Khiladi 786 because no one beat akshay in film and if it happen then dharti bhi kaap jaati hai !

answered by Set Designer (2.4k points)
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Sos was comparitavely better although both were below average in content but sos had a good climax and few good comic scenes whereas k786 was very boring and too over the top...

answered by Director (132k points)
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I Don't Like Any Movie Between These Two.But,I Like Khiladi 786 More Than SOS.

answered by Producer (102k points)

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