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Not as good as Singh Is King. Just average, if you watch for just Akshay and some comedy.


Just one word - Prabhu Deva, Why are you still trying?? Waise free me dekhi aaj Singh is Bling

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For the second year in a row Vishal Bharadwaj (this time teamed up with Meghna Gulzar) delivered a riveting film. Talvar is easily the one of the best films this year. Its also one of the finest Crime Investigation dramas, the kind of films which Bollywood attempted rarely. The film is a testament to the master storyteller in Vishal Bharadwaj who weaved a compelling story enough to keep audience engaged throughout, though details of case are fairly known to everyone. So without going into the story/plot of film, I'll try to give my review.


The casting has been first rate. No film in recent years has such a stellar cast (in terms of performers). It really helps the film. Neeraj Kabi and Konkana Sen Sharma are wonderfully restrained as Tandons without being over dramatic over the course of investigation which took various murky turns. But the star of film is Irrfan who played Ashwin Kumar. He gets some of the best lines. Sohum Shah and Gajraj rao are apt in their roles. Its refreshing to see Prakash belawadi after Madras Cafe.

Technical Aspects

Talvar is Meghna Gulzar's strong return to direction. Aided by a strong technical crew she delivered a very good film. Editing by Sreekar Prasad is top notch. There was never a dull moment. Pankaj Kumar's cinematography is adequate. Vishal Bharadwaj provided story,screenplay and Music for the film. He was an ace as far as first two departments are concerned. The Rashomon based screenplay is a great idea to put forth the story of such intricate nature muddled with various perspectives. It seemed almost perfect except for Irrfan's backstory (Tabu's cameo) which deviates from the narrative (though justification is provided it seemed unnecessary) on couple of occasions though its not much of an aberration. The dry humor that Vishal put in various places ensures a delightful watch for the viewers.


Talvar gives glorious insight into how botched up the investigation has been. Its shocking and baffling that due to petty office politics that couple of innocents might have been pronounced guilty. Though the makers clearly showed whose side they are on through Ashwin Kumar, they also showed other perspectives. Its also frightening what Talvar showed, as it could've happened with anyone in our country or how the persons in power who are unknown to us can alter our life completely.
The way Media handled the situation through their coverage and trails in debates, Negligence of initial investigation team, the way crime scene was handled, Office politics, People who are quick to pass on the judgement by what is said on TV, Preconceived notions and prejudice of new Investigating officer who wanted to prove parents as culprits by hook or crook or Ashwin kumar who resorts to unconventional methods(arm twisting the law) inorder to seek truth/carry out the investigation, Inexplicable changes in blood reports explain the dire situation our country is in.

Talvar invokes a gamut of emotions in you. Shame, Helplessness, Anger, Disgust, Fear, Pity and Guilt. Interestingly the movie is titled Guilty for International Audience. I think the guilty here are not just Parents, Domestic helps, Police or Media....its the entire society (everyone played their part) who couldn't provide a fair justice to a child who didn't make it past her pre teen age.

Rating: 4.5/5

answered by Production Accountant (29.6k points)
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Waah waah .........................


Watched Talvar last night. Specially came to Patna to watch it. I can say, it's a perfect movie to describe vulnerable Indian justice system and its flaws. Yes, we had movie like No One Killed Jessica. But, it's one step ahead confronting that. Brutally honest. There was time, I was saying, "No way. It can not be true".
Anyway, I'm agree with points you have made.


Glad you enjoyed Talvar.


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SIB is an okay watch for me. A typical Prabhudeva movie this time surprisingly with less action scenes. The comedy in first half was good, force comedy I would say but still manages to make you laugh in few scenes. The film doesn't has a proper story, I think Prabhudeva didn't had any script for it just had the overall story in his mind, story just changes from here to there. they didn't really showed what rivalry KK Menon & Amy's father had. KK had really nothing to do. If you have such a great actor as your villain and his screen presence is hardly 10 minutes in the whole movie, that's just doesn't make sense. The climax was pretty dramatic but it lacks the punch that is needed. Film didn't really showed why 'Singh' is 'Bling'. Even if Akshay wouldn't have been a Sikh, that wouldn't have any impact on the film.first half was entertaining, second Half was slow and has more drama. Overall SIB is decent, better than R...Rajkumar and way better than AJ, but still it's nowhere close to Prabhu's Wanted & Rowdy Rathore. He should either quit directing or he should try to remake films again. 2.75/5 from my side....

answered by Star (141k points)

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Singh is bling is an entertainer, first half is hillarious , some scenes are laugh riots like a scene between lara and akshay's friends and the one when akshay came back with mufasa , second half has its moments but could have been better , overall a decent entertainer and could have been a superb comedy film if second half also have more comedy than drama and action.
performances- All actors did good job, but akshay and lara are outstanding with superb comic timing .
my rating - 4/5 for first half, 3/5 for second overall 3.5/5.

answered by Assistant Director (44.9k points)

What about ppl response there????


Its mixed to positive, overall decent , upto interval it was excellent but at the end few said its good and some other said its ok.


Yeah 2nd half is only prblm...do u think 100cr?


It's difficult to say right now, monday will decide because only north can't take it upto there but it has a good chance if holds decently.

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My review of Talvar
The story is about how the Talvars are convicted for the crime of killing their own daughter.. The crime they probably didn't commit. Whether the story is a work of fiction(which does not seem to be) or true is debatable...
The script has been excellently laced with intriguing screenplay...The director Meghna Gulzarhas gone into the intricate details of the events that happened in the Aarushi-Hemraj murder case ...
The film is one of the finest murder mystries ever made..
The first half is a bit slow.. Second half grips you hard..
All the actors.. Konkana Sen Sharma,Neeraj Kabi ,Irrfan Khan, Tabu and all other characters did an excellent job..
It inflicts feelings of Anger , Disgust , Pity..and makes you think wether what you know about the Talvar Murder Mystery is the complete truth or just half baked facts..
**Overall a film in which flaws are difficult to find.. 5/5..

answered by Star (153k points)

I loved your Review. +10 for You...

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Review ka to pata nahin but its a Paisa Vasool Entertainer,Tung Tung Baje Tung Tung- 3/5.

answered by All Time best! (291k points)
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a space survival story it is..

STORY- story starts with an ongoing mars mission. during the mission a mishap happens and one astronaut ( matt )left alone in the planet assuming to be dead ,luckily he survives .rest of the crew remains unknown to the fact asked to return planet earth. on other hand Matt finds himself all alone on the planet and decides to fight for his survival against all odds . rest of the story is based on how he tackels the adverseries.

PERFORMANCE- Matt's character is the center one and his performance is very good as an astronaut botanist. he is likable and inspiring.
rest of the cast has done well .


*Ridley Scott's direction is good , he kept the mood of film lite despite the situations being adverse..

  • screenplay is engaging and rarely lose its pace , editing is good too

*dialogues are plus for movie .

  • visuals are good and you do feel like being on mars

  • background score is apt for situations

MY VERDICT- 7/10. go for it !!

answered by Production Accountant (20.6k points)

500 points for best review of The Martian

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Talvar (2015)

I was numb, terrified and confused when I was coming out of theatre. It wasn't like I have had not any confrontation with Indian justice system before by medium of film. We have such movies that succeeded to show wonky conditions of our justice system, corrupt and irrelevant way of investigation and feeble laws. And not long ago, We witnessed an eye-opener movie No One Killed Jessica, that was another movie based on real-life murder case, co-incidentally it also took place in Delhi. We were amazed of seeing the way Jessica murder case had been manipulated and almost buried under powerful roof of big politicians and venal laws. But, with Talvar, its director Meghna Gulzar has taken our imagination on whole new level. It makes a question mark on our justice system. And that question is, "Can I trust you?". How can we trust when justice varies more on speculation and less on evidences. I'm sure even justice word will be feeling ashamed here.

All those investigation scenes those are shown in Talvar are still vivid in my psyche and haunts my mind here and there. It's been 5 days since I've watched this movie, still I can't abstain thinking about it. I must say powerful screenplay by Gulzar and inflammable direction of Meghna played an important part in this movie. It was brutal, unbiased and gripping. I didn't feel distracted at any point of time. In fact, surprisingly, I had Goosebumps many times, and it's not something very common about me. There are some dark humour in this movie that has brought some sudden laugh on my face in many scenes, interestingly those all scenes are serious, and at very next moment every sign of laugh lost in darkness of the story. That's something I always love in Bhardwaj's product.

With assemble and brilliant cast, one can never doubt about performances before going to theatre. And, as we found Irrfan Khan, Konkana Sen, Neeraj Kabi always have their nose in their characters throughout the movie. They played their part passionately, honestly. Meanwhile, loved presence of Tabu. And also separation-chemistry, that in other way was more beautiful than most of love-chemistry of Bollywood, between Irrfan and Tabu. That maker tried to show something not very much related to main topics of movie, but it definitely brought a different flavour to audiences that I refer as an important move.

Lastly, I'd say it's indeed come out to be the best movie of this year and it won't be a wise idea if you are thinking to give a miss to it. It's a movie that make you think. Think about ourselves, our society, our system, our country. It doesn't try to preach you, it shoots out and bombers realities on you that you have to accept anyhow, although you always wish lest you should have not to accept this harsh truth. Truth that is always slow to penetrate.

Rating: 9/10

answered by Assistant Director (53k points)

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First time that I got any points for my review. LOL
I never expected it though. Thanks.

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Singh is bling 3/5..[0.25 pts extra for Akshay's super comedy scenes...]
First half is very entertaining..Akshay is hilarious in his comic role and his innocent is funny..Lara dutta too superb in comedy...Amy jackson is hot and she is lady version of Akshay kumar as she rocked in action scenes...Director Prabu deva is improved from previous flicks going by first half of singh is bling..
2nd half starts well but emotional scenes starts rolling that are lazy and emotionally not connected with audience.It slows the pace..Prabu tries to mix romance,drama but it didnt worked.It will be Better if he kept comedies in 2nd half then it will be better entertainer than Singh is kingg...He wasted oppurtunity as 1st half was perfect entertainer but he failed in 2nd half...Climax is for akshay fans as just ok...

answered by Second Unit Director (75.1k points)

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Watched talwar and the martian...both were pretty good movies and I'd recommend both of them....irrfan and others did very well in talwar while matt Damon and others did well in martian too....my ratings are talwar-4/5 and martian 3.75/5.... P.s.my rating scale for Hollywood and Bollywood aren't the same.....

answered by All Time best! (270k points)
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Went to theater with low expectation & got surprised as it turned out as a great movie. Akshay nails it completely & Amy .. @#$%$## I just wanted to freaking dive into that screen She is damn hot & done a great job. This wasn't a too much forced comedy like in whatever crap Prabhudeva directed before like Action Jackson.

A great family movie. Go out & Enjoy it!

answered by Assistant Director (45.2k points)
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My review of Singh is Bling........
Singh is Bling that seems another slapstick comedy appears to be a fun entertainer perhaps a time pass of 2.5 hrs nothing more...
Coming onto Story
Story is not that great but the screenplay is even more worse as this could have been handled better....Pace is decent with few good moments...
Comedy scenes are funny akshay no doubt one of the best comedians but all others fail...Amy is too sexy to handle.....I wished that she should have wore the 2 piece only on that beach scene with excessive exposure of cleavage..That red suit is never for a hottie like Amy Jackson..She does her action scenes quite good ..Lara Dutta is pathetic in the film and is not not funny at all...Kay Kay Menon is wasted in the film..Its a shame to waste this kind of actor...Others like Ghajini villian,punjabi actors and friends of Akshay did their job....
Please someone tell me who are the music directors...Even i can compose better than them...only Aja Mahi is a song that appeals you..Tung Tung is good only because of its picturisation...Showing culture of punjab...Chu Che and cinema song are unbearable.....
Prabhudeva needs to think what to do...Either focus more on choreography or making films like Wanted and RR either stop torturing us..If Akki wasnt in the film it would have been miserable one for Prabu..Very ordinary climax....
final words...If you are a fan of Akshay Comedy then go for it else give it a miss..
Akshay Kumar 4/5
Amy Jackson 2.5/5 (bcoz of Hottie too hot to handle if she wore two piece i would have given more...and bcoz of action she did)
Lara Dutta 0/5
Kay Kay Menon wasted 2/5
Music 1.5/5.....(only for Aja Mahi)
Story 2/5
Direction 1/5
Overall ratings...2/5

answered by Second Unit Director (76k points)

500 points for best review..of SIB..!!

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Watched Singh is Bling....Can't bear the movie after 40 mins...One of the worst movie of the year.....after. Baby Akki has 2 shitty movies to his name.....He should retire from Bollywood soon as these type of actors don't deserve movies....My rating-1/5

answered by Producer (105k points) 1 flag



Yup really....Akki does one good movie and then does 2-3 bad movies.....I didn't even found Airlift that good....it was half baked movie though it was watchable

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