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U believe those two r hrithiks kids?? Hahaaa ...kk wer is arjun?


Abe face bhi Hrithik jaisa toh uska baccha nehi hoga toh kiska. Tu school ja. Gawar kahika. Hrithik jab baccha paida kiya tere spot boy shakid kapoor duddu pee raha tha. Ab tu proof mangega toh main yehi bolunga ki tere paas koi proof hain ki tu apni baap ka beta ya parausi ka.


Lol...so u say hrithik n rampal r lookalikes??? Oh well I get it now...


abe aankh ki doctor dikha. Lol. Arjun and hrithik are look alike. Kaunsa basti main sikha yeh sab. Aise pehle pata kar tu kiska beta baad main hrithik ka sochna. Pata kar kahi tere mohalle walo ne toh billi nehi mar di.

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The film which was capable to give tribute to Tom Cruise & Michael Jackson in one frame. Bang Bang !

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Bang Bang : The film had some out of the world action sequences.Dance in Title Track and Tu Meri were superb...I loved the film as a Hrithikian but it was disappointing as I expected a better script and an intriguing story...!! #1YearOfBangBangMovie
Haider : One Of the finest movies made in recent times .Was slightly boring..Shahid was excellent

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Join us at 8? But where??

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.....of course on twitter........

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what a dark day for hindi film industry..... !!

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What a dark day for humanity when you were born mahn. Don't you feel ashamed of yourself? That you bark and no one gives a damn?

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