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Ce Has A Chance If Film Collect Well In Domestic Market As Well As Ovrseas....Bt I Think Dhoom3 Also Has A Chance,Perhaps Bettr Chance Then Ce!!

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No offense but CE doesn't really have any chance to do so and most probably, it's not happening this year.
Fingers Cross!!
LOL Height of Hope...  No offense) . CE can perform really well on BO. but it cnt break 3 idiots record....
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I am sure that either krrish[ 3] or dhoom [3] will break [3] idiots record....

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Krrish 3 and Dhoom 3 have the best chance to break worldwide records of 3 Idiots but overseas business will be crucial for both movies. CE has also good chance to collect well in domestic and overseas.

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I dont think that 3 Idiots record will break this year. If, Krish3 and Dhoom 3 will cross 200 crores. Then still It woudnt be able to cross oversea 130 crores bcz 3 Idiots and My Name Is Khan different type of movie not action and thriller genre. Oversea audiences have many other and far better choice than K3 and D3 from Hollywood same genre movie. So, No chance of crossing.

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K3 and d3 has good chance........

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