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Do we need to watch the film? I might be able to write a good review about acting, story being bad, songs not helping, etc, lol.


Nah man you don't need to Why don't you give it a shot ;)


What if I say that..I had given it a shot during Singh Saab The Great..!!


Here it is..!!..I had taken ideas from reviews on the web..and used my own words...I watched the film 3 months later...and I was like wtf had I written..??

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HERO - Newcomers get an unimpressive remake to make an impressive debut.
First things first, the magic created by classic originals is impossible to be re-created. PERIOD. And when you mess with the original characters, sketch out a weak characterization to those characters in the remake then you're just not even remotely trying to do justice to the original let alone make a decent film.
Story -
Hero is a remake of Subhash Ghai's 1983 classic of the same name. Sooraj is a certified Goonda (dialogue writers have ensured to stress on this a lot) who kidnaps Radha (Athiya Shetty) who is the daughter of IG played by Tigmanshu Dhulia who happens to have some evidence against Sooraj's dad incidentally played by Aditya Pancholi. The kidnap saga triggers the love story between the Goonda & IG ki Beti, which both their family oppose. How the lovers rebel to earn their deserving freedom forms the rest of the film.
What Works -
1. Sooraj Pancholi & Athiya Shetty's chemistry.
2. Impressive music.
3. Humor in certain scenes (which are few & far between). Not the unintentional humor, the audience in theater genuinely laughed at those funny lines uttered by Hero's friends & Athiya.
4. The action scenes (not the first one) are appealing.
5. Salman Khan's version of Main Hoon Hero Tera in the end credits. Got the maximum whistles & cheering, nobody moved till the entire song was over.
What Doesn't Work -
1. Poor characterization which has affected every character in the film & in turn the whole film itself.
2. Weak writing shows it's impact throughout.
3. The friends characters are important. Here they are completely under-utilized. What makes it worse is that it's these characters that contribute to humor in the first half but they're completely ignored for the rest of the film.
4. Predictability.
5. I loved Main Hoon Hero Tera song but here the song is used only in the "background" which personally disappointed me. So Main Hoon Hero Tera song works, but it's usage does disappoint for people like me who wished it to be full blown romantic number picturized on the lead pair.
Performances -
Sooraj Pancholi is a HERO. But he's yet to find finesse in terms of acting which shows in the second half as his characterization doesn't allow him to be more. But he has a great body & voice, dances well & comes in handy during action scenes. He shows a lot of potential. Athiya Shetty proves that she can act but poorly written role limits her from emoting more. Whenever we get to see her acting skills be it romantic, dramatic or funny, those moments are followed up with her mouthing dialogues like "dog faced muppet" which makes it hard to take her seriously. The rest of the characters suffer from faulty characterization & hardly connect with the audience. In a crucial scene, Tigmanshu confesses about him being a disgraced police officer. To feel his pain, there are actually no scenes showing him go through that insult. It's just thrown right at us out of nowhere.
My Rating - 2/5 (A very lenient one)
Final Words - A ready-made blockbuster script deserved better treatment than this & so did the promising newcomers.

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Hero Review: A Kick Start Of A Next Gen Salman Khan!!

To be honest, hero stands nowhere in front of the original classic, but what makes hero special is that this might be the debut of the upcoming mass superstar. I have seen Heropanti first day first show, but the cheers for Sooraj right from the beginning is as loud as a big star. and it's his luck as it has been produced by Salman Khan, and people are happy to welcome him as the next Salman Khan of Bollywood!

Plot: A police officer & a don are rivals, the officer (Tigmanshu Dhulia) catch the Don (Aditya Pancholi) and soon he would be in jail. In order to revenge, Paasha (Aditya) told his son Sooraj (Pancholi) to kidnap the police officer's daughter Radha played by Athiya. Sooraj successfully kidnapped her and they both fell in love..what happens next is the story.

Direction: The story itself sounds way too old, but thanks to the director Nikhil Advani that he made audience, specially masses hold tight to watch the movie. His direction is top notched and he made sure to use the full potential of Sooraj & Athiya.

Screenplay: Screenplay is mass friendly, though a bit slow in the first half due to the overload of songs, it was okay and in the second half it was fast and good.

Performance: I said it earlier that though Sooraj had huge cheers, he isn't a good performer in the acting department, and that's of course a reason why I'm calling him the next Salman Khan! joke apart, he was okay with his looks and physique. Athiya nowhere look like a heroine. She is sweet, but not that beautiful. I don't see a very bright future of her as a hero can be a star in Bollywood with an average face just like her father, but not heroine. She performed average. Aditya Pancholi in his role was very good, Tigmanshu Dhulia easily the best performer of the film, he did the Shammi Kapoor's role perfectly. Sharad Kelkar was good and the guy played the villain's role in the second part was fantastic. Do tell me the name in comment as I don't know. Rest were good.

Music: Good things are good, but over is over, Hero has fantastic songs, but they comes repeatedly which is annoying as Hero is not a musical drama and masses are not there to listen songs one after another. in the first half, there are more songs than scenes. almost correct!


  1. Sooraj Pancholi, hits the stumps from the very beginning with the dabangg entry.
  2. The action sequences were very good and enjoyable for masses.
  3. Direction is top notch
  4. Songs were good
  5. The last entry of Salman Khan with his song.


  1. Athiya as heroine failed completely.
  2. Chemistry of Sooraj-Athiya lacks the charm needed in this love story.
  3. Songs comes repeatedly in first half.
  4. Weak climax.

Overall Hero was one time watch, definitely can't be compared with the original version, but still watchable and very much entertaining for masses. multiplex audience should stay away, I would rate it 3/5. Go for it with friends...

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Actually Athiya Shetty acted well for a first timer... It's her poorly written role that's negative, all blame goes to Umesh Bisht & Nikhil Advani. After the initial few minutes, as far as acting goes Athiya definitely passes the test. The problem whenever she excels in a scene that scene is followed with her mouthing dialogues like a bimbo... In a scene she calls the villain "dog faced muppet" which completely misfires.
Plus original Hero shows the problems faced by lovers. Infact Jackie struggles to reform into a nice person. Nobody gives him a job because he went to jail & he joins as a mechanic. In the new Hero, Sooraj accepts Athiya's suggestion to surrender, gets 2 years of prison but gets released in 1 & half years due to good behavior.. viola he mouths a dialouge "do hi cheez aata hai mujhe, goonda giri karna aur body banana", we're shown him opening a gym without any problem. That's why we don't relate to the love story or their problems. Clear case of poor writing.


yaar maine film nhn dekhi.............i m just judging from simple song.........woh romantic song..........i think even actresses like celina jetley types did better at their debuts atleast in songs............ab woh nhn ayega jo basics hain even after being Sunil's girl then what should we expect in full-fledged role.........maybe i m overjudging.........should see film also......but aisay ganday reviews milay hain k pehlay to Ranbir ki Besharam dekhon ga jo ab ** nhn dekhi uskay baad yeh nautanki


Watch the original all time classic Hero... The story in the remake is not at all terrible, the direction is. I found her fine in the songs except Dance Ke Legend which anyways didn't showcase her much. Dance Ke Legend & Jab We Met are the songs that don't work, other than that Main Hoon Hero Tera is only used in the background, she looks good in Khoya Khoya song & Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's song is picturized on her where she does look good dancing with Sooraj but rest of the song she's just crying.
But then if you didn't get impressed then it's different. Since I've watched all the 4 versions including the remake, I can clearly say the newcomers did their best in what they were asked to do but the culprits are solely Nikhil Advani & Umesh Bist.


thats a good idea instead of wasting time on Hero 2015.......
i will definitely love to see old Hero....actually i wanted to see that n reason was definitely Reshma's Lambi Judai............i will try...........plus Jackie for me is one of the underrated actor abt whom nobody comes out with praises today......but i don't remember a single lame performance of him......n i guess i hv seen many films of Jackie

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HERO is such a Stupid Movie....I really wonder what Made Salman khan to Invest soo much Money in Dis Boring Fest....with dis .Nikhil Advani again proves that KAL HO NA HO was Ghost Directed by Karan Himself.....it also makes me wonder Howcan can a Man whose last Outing was DDAY Can Make a Such a Stupid Movie....Everything was Bad of the Movie.Good:1) Good Cinematography2) Choreography...specially the Broadway kinda Presentation of the Last Song of the Movie.3) Music...for me one The Best Album of the Year4) Athiya Shetty did a Gud Job.Bad:-1) Pathetic Direction2) Stupid Screenplay3) Nothing New4) Average Performance from Support Staff....especially Timangshu is Wasted5) Sooraj might hav the Looks & Body....but His Dialogue Delivery, Expression is Sumthing that he have to Take Lessons for.the only saving grace which arises as breathe of Fresh Air into this Unforgettable affair is the Last Appearance from SALMAN himself.Overall a Story which cud hav been presented wit Today's Sensibilities but Destroyed by Nikhil's Pathetic Direction.Stay at Home...and Dont Go For this Even if U Are a LOYAL BHAI FAN......1.5/5

Nikhil Advani....plz Dont Disappoint us Wit KAATI BATTI

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I saw the movie the other day and it was decent but not great. It had a very good trailer but it failed to live up to the original version which was far better e.g. performances and romance. Sooraj had a good intro and yes its similar to Salman's Dabangg. The action scenes was very good and enjoyable especially the climax where Sooraj fights these two tough guys. Nikhil Advani handles some of the scenes pretty well especially the climax and the prison scenes that had Aditya Pancholi. The romance angle was decent but its no where near as good as Jackie and Meenakshi. It was Illogical for example why did Athiya fell in love with Sooraj? What did she really see in him? I just assumed that she liked him because of his body. Their chemistry was good through out the whole film. Sooraj had a good character development where he goes from being a goon to a normal person which was convincing. I liked the club scene which look pretty cool especially the song which is something that you could dance to at a night club or party.

I thought Sooraj was going to match Jackie's performance judging by the trailer but I was wrong. He was decent and acts very well in some parts. I think he's got potential but its up to him as to what movies he chooses. Athiya really looks like Sunil Shetty and she's annoying in the first half where she shouts at Sooraj's friends. However, she is decent and shows confidence in the movie with her funny dialogues. Aditya Pancholi was good while the other two villains who were fighting Sooraj in the climax excelled in their roles.

I'll give the movie a 3.5 out of 5 because Sooraj and Athiya made a good effort and the action scenes were superb. Main Hoon Hero was a very nice song and goes well with the movie.

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