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Q. I have just one question that is regarding Actual and real.box office collection of DDLJ as according to me it is not possible to be remain on 61 crores from last 20 years. I think I will get my answer this time around as I already asked this question several time but till now didn’t get the answer – Sameer

A. Ticket prices are as cheap as Rs 20 even for the balcony tickets and the film is running only one show in a day. So even though it does go houseful once in a while on Sunday, Yash Raj Films is funding the screening of DDLJ. It’s not for money or box office collections, it’s about the legacy of DDLJ as the longest running film in the world.


Q. How did Abhishek Bachchan’s career go off the track so badly when he was apparently doing reasonably well till 2008 (Dostana in 2008, Guru in 2007)? – Siddharth

A. Abhishek Bachchan was never a bankable star. The two solo-hits of his career are ‘Bunty Aur Babli’ (2005) and ‘Guru’ (2007). The former came when almost every Yash Raj Films was working at the box office and Rani Mukerji was at the peak of her career. The release of ‘Guru’ was perfectly timed with Aishwarya and Abhishek’s engagement and marriage announcement, so that helped the opening of the film. We don’t mean to be too harsh on him here, but as a solo hero he was never a crowd-puller.


Q. Do you think Prem Ratan Dhan Payo will do very less business at box office? It stars Neil Nitin Mukesh, Arman Kohli and Sonam Kapoor who are not A-list actors. Moreover, Sooraj Barjatya has returned to direction after 10 years, people have become more modern now for his films? – SK

A. It’s difficult to explain the craze that Salman Khan is commanding currently. Kick didn’t have a popular heroine and the director (Sajid Nadiadwala) was making his debut. It still managed a huge opening at the box office. Jai Ho was a complete washout as far as the production values, music, director and it didn’t have a particularly ‘stunning’ looking or established heroine either. Even then, it collected Rs 26 crore on its 3rd day, which is huge because the word-of-mouth did come into play, but people still came to watch because of Salman. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo will take a record-breaking opening. If the music, trailer and other promos work, then sky will be the limit as far as the opening is concerned. Lifetime, obviously, will be content dependent.

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Oh by the way before showering any negative votes, just understand that I've just "copy pasted" it from the Live Q&A session that's happening. Indicine will be answering 10 questions today & so far only 3 have been answered.


Btw sirji How can you believe Indicine......?
Agar BOI kahe to kuch ho..............


Look man it's common sense. Whether BOI says it or Indicine, everybody knows YRF's funding the Maratha Mandir run of DDLJ. That's how it works. Not even DDLJ, for a movie to complete 100 days, producer's book the theaters by paying extra money to the exhibitors so that they'll keep the movie till it completes 100 days. Heck here in south, star's fans will pay theaters from their own pockets to make sure the movies run till 50 days or 100 days. Recent example, telugu movie Legend just completed 75 weeks i.e. Platinum Jubilee. They had a huge function for it's 400 days completion few months back. Why do you think the film is running when the film is being telecasted on tv twice a week? It's the matter of prestige. Here, it's DDLJ & it's the legacy of keeping it as the longest ever running Indian film, long enough to even break the record of the longest running film ever in the World. Apparently there's a Chinese film too running since 1978. Keeping the legacy matters.
And why would I share Indicine link? Because I've the basic common sense to know whom to follow. I've BOI for box office purpose exclusively & I follow every other website for "filmy" news, but only believe in the ones that are closer to the truth.

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The Truth has been revealed..!!.Some people have said here that it remains houseful on most days..!!

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Release Rh, lagaan, any aamir movie for just -1 month and than Visit theatre if you find a Single person .
People are still interested to see ddlj and weekends pe Public dekh ti b hai..


buahahah.............raja hindustani....??........only Aamir will be the one watching even after a month to KEEP THE LEGACY

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The general public knw's this evn b4 it's poul khol by indicine n some were claiming tht it is still running n creating records...
just like hw yrf is running to shw its fake craze similarly thy bought all d awards fr their movies too .... shame on adi-yrf fr this gimmicks .. Lol

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are yr aise to mithoon ki hr action movie or sunny ki v hr Friday ko single screen m chlti rhti hai

it is just for saakh ki ldai

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shame on srk...................................................

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Shame on YRF and DDLJ Actor who is living in Past...................................

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Hmm.... every trade have their own opinion. They may be right..or wrong... its depends on us.

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n US even include the ones who still go to watch DDLJ even if on Sunday only............i bet everybody was gonna dance around saying SHOLAY IS THIS N THAT, SEE ITS THE LONGEST RUNNING FILM blah blah...........now King Khan ki film h so is type ki baatein to hn gi he na.......

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hahahahahahahahahahaha paid run.
paid run of 20 years!

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Just like hw he wins tht fake awards ....
such a fake star's fake collection Hny -- 200cr n Ddlj (fake) running fr 20yrs ...
fakism at its best ...

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