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Oh hands down.... BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN. Watched it 5 times in the theaters itself so that says it all. In case of PK it was the second half & it did bug the 1 time I watched it in the theater.
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Okay remove 20cr still 300cr is huge for a bad film(acc to u)..... Isn't it?


BB was more watched which I agree... What I dont agree is how can a bad or an avg film like pk do 300cr?. Not comparing with BB


Where did I call PK a bad film or average film?
All I shared is I didn't enjoy the second half. I've rained tweets while watching that film from the theater itself on FDFS. It's the weakest Raju Hirani film "FOR ME". But by calling it the weakest I'm not saying it was a bad film. I'm just saying it didn't live upto the expectations. It can do 300cr or 500cr or 1000cr. Let BB just do 50cr. Box office figures doesn't matter on "LIKING" a film.
Second half failed. The desperate move to kill Sanjay Dutt's character for sympathy sake didn't impress me. I mean Salman was shot in BB but you had other strong emotions going so you let that pass. But in case of PK, they killed the character because the "love story" angle wasn't working making the death of a character looked forced. This was followed by whole tv debate thing, superb dialogues but the moment Sarfaraz thing happened it fell badly. This is MY opinion & looking at fellow audience agree with me in theater, was fun too.
I didn't like PK much doesn't mean I'm sad for it doing big business. I just didn't like it more, period.


I agree with you Suhas

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Bajrangi Bhaijaan..............

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I would choose Bajrangi Bhaijaan over P.K...............

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Had to be BB, it exceededy expectations. PK was a let down for me except for aamirs acting. The second half was very predictable. Expected more from a hirani film.

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bajrangi bhaijaan great movie but pk also very good special ly aamir acting

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....if there was no 'oh! my god' then my answer wud hv been pk........

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Non other than Bajarangi Bhaijaan,

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PK......................Are hum PK hoon PK..........................

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Hands Up and Down PK...... BB first half irritated me..... Box office also pk is ahead.

P.S: Have seen Pk more than 8 times in theater that says it all

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