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Did you know: Madhuri Dixit was paid MORE than Salman Khan in Hum Aapke Hain Koun?

Yes! And you cannot afford to miss this story…

For the longest time we’ve had actors charging more acting fee than any of the leading ladies in the industry. Though today we do have a few actresses like Kangana Ranaut and Deepika Padukone battling it out for gender equality by taking up women-centric films. But this huge difference in gender-based pay still continues to prevail! So it was quite surprising when Anupam Kher made a revelation that Madhuri Dixit was paid MORE than Salman Khan in Hum Aapke Hain Koun!, back in 1994. Yes, can you imagine?

It so happened that Anupam was recently running a gender equality campaign on Twitter is when a woman tweeted to him saying, “The actress r paid less as compared to the actors. Firstly,Gender Equality shld start frm here.Wat u think.” Anupam of course replied in agreement to this but to get the facts right, he further mentioned, “I agree in certain cases it is true. But Madhuri was paid more than Salman in HAHK.”

Given that those were the initial years of Salman’s career, this report is quite justified to an extent. But what’s shocking is the amount that Madhuri charged as her fee. It was reportedly close to Rs 3 crore, same as what Alia Bhatt, Priyanka Chopra and Anushka Sharma are charging today! Quite a trivia for the day, isn’t it?

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During the time....Even Chandrachur is better than him.

9 Answers

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Best answer

Salman had two turning points,
when he worked with Madhuri in HAHK. &
when SRK let Wanted for Salman

by Director (135k points)
selected by

Relax mahn... you cud hv written straight away as HAHK n Wanted were turning points..
bt unnecessarily u wrote Srk left Wanted fr Salman is d point of my arguement..
c'mon u tell me did Salman beg to Srk No..
n evn i cn argue fr Madhuri's HAHK ...
evn if thr was no Madhuri it wud hv been still an ATBB as d success of HAHK is due to Sooraj n his previous film MPK ..... better read my comments in @Agan's answer ....
thank U ... n chillax ...


I didn't wrote it straight away as I was definitely taunting Salman by saying it, of course to burn Salman fans, but I never said words like Salman begged Srk or Salman should thanks Srk. It's Srk's decision what he would do & Salman's decision what he would do, I'm just using Srk's name as if Srk would agree to do Wanted, then it would have definitely impact on Dabangg's storm, as though Wanted could not be a big hit, it was still loved by masses and even when it came on tv, it had good response. so when Salman again come with Dabangg, masses rushed out to the theatres. Regarding HAHK, I still have no problem as long as you don't credit the HAHK success to Salman


@Criminal this time i agree with U...
yup HAHK was neither Salman dependent n nor Madhuri too...
as people loved d way Sooraj showed family traditions n emotions on silver screen ....


just to clarify what i know.....i m maybe wrong but.....CDI n DDLJ were first offered to SRK.........DDLJ k time SRK was having fight with journalists etc when Adi came to narrate SRK the story of DDLJ n Adi left once....then even Adi thought once abt SRK not liking the story.....so maybe, Saif also got DDLJ offer...........but i m not sure abt Saif actually being offered DDLJ..........i don't remember what Aditya Chopra wrote abt other actors on 1000weeks of DDLJ in his book........he did tell something......no??
regarding CDI, i m even more sure of SRK being offered first n then Salman..........but Salman rejected cz of not liking script n SRK due to shooting Don n KANK.............then Adi came back n told SRK that we will cast new heroines in CDI n not Rani, Preity types n we will delay it...........otherwise it was kind of a 2006 film not 2007

+3 votes

Amrish puri also said a decad ago that amisha Patel was paid more than sunny deol in Gadar . .#women empowerment.

by Director (123k points)

maybe...................cz Sunny Deol ko us waqt koi munh nhn lgata tha so i can believe u


Ha Ha Ha Tabhi 5 crore FF ki film de di..........Tumhare kisi actor ke baap ke baap ne 5 crore FF ki film di hai Ha Ha Ha bhikari film industry.....Abe tumhe kaun mooh lagata hai..............And charli then afridi is better than bradman


Okay baazigarrr for the argument sake iam the fan of Abhishek bachan ..so uske baab ne di hai 5cr footfall film.


hahahha Charlie..............kyun becharay ko dukh pohncha rha hai...........lets just say SUNNY DEOL IS EVEN BETTER THAN AL PACINO..........one expression actor.......lol........better than Al Pacino........lol..........what i just did.........this is actor's blasphemy

Baazigar: baap sy yaad aya Sunny Deol k baap ny kis actor ki film chori kr k bnayi thi n then himself accepted it???????aammmm............i guess Mustafa Qureshi..........now find the full story........best of luck

+2 votes

Salman and Madhuri Dixit signed Hum Aapke Hain Koun in 1992 when Salman Khan had 4 hits in 2 years, and before Madhuri Dixit had Beta, Khalnayak.
According to BOI,Salman got 50 lakhs and Madhuri Dixit 30 lakhs.

by Assistant Director (59.4k points)
+2 votes

So anupam was doing part time manager of maduri that time......

by Unit Manager (30.9k points)
–1 vote

I thought...only... Actor can make actress career successful...like...but ws wrong.
This lady..Madhuri...helped SALLU during HAHK..n SAJAN.
Thank You... Mrs..MAdhuri.. for your help to our.. Bhai.

by Executive Producer (64.8k points)

Agan, Ird accepted that HAHK success was due to Sooraj not Madhuri


Anyways Ird, accept the fact that Madhuri was a bigger crowd puller than Salman at that time. I would say even bigger than Srk, she was at her peak and she was like a superstar at that time.
and regarding Koyla, just see the blockbusters of that time and compare with Koyla. from MPK to KKHH, all atbb of that time was family or romantic drama. Koyla was a violent movie,so inspite of the good opening it failed to sustain well. violence was the reason why even a big film like Trimurti bombed at box office.


Agar..Jeet..Baghban.. yeh Salman ka movie hai to.
kuch Kuch hota hai bi Salman ka movie.
ha ha .... kya bolega...

–1 vote

Nothing surprising, dat time it was like madhuri >>>>> salman. And if madhuri alone was paid 3 cr, it means hahk was a damn expensive film. Dat means ddlj was a bigger hit based on return on investment......

by Unit Manager (30.9k points)
–1 vote

everyone knows Madhuri was the lead actor and biggest star of hahk, Salman was as lucky just like today heroines get lucky being part of Khan's films.

by Editor (88.5k points)
–1 vote

The bigger star, bigger payment. Simple calculation. Madhuri was the star and people came to see madhuri.

by Second Unit Director (76.8k points)
–5 votes

Truth Will Remain Truth Forever

by Location Manager (5.6k points)

Ony truth ri8 now is that Srk is outright rejected actor of bollywood with no hit movie in 6 years lol lol


Latest truth from director of ce the only bb of pr made star in 10yrs ce was a deepika movie.. here m without cropped video or article..


I agree that since 2014 SRK only Had Flops & Semi Hits. But he's not outright rejected. It's his movies which were outright rejected.


2017 me 94 ki film HAHK ki nett cross nhi ho raha... But but he's not rejected

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