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Bajrangi Bhaijaan has gone ahead of PK again in the sixth week. It is the first time it has bettered PK weekly figures after the first week. It shows how various factors affect films as Bajrangi Bhaijaan has not held as strong as PK since week two but still the sixth week comes out better. It has a lot to do with the competition you face every week in the run. Weaker competition or no competition enables successful films hold better. For flop films it makes little difference.


The final gap between Bajrangi Bhaijaan and PK will be around 22 crore nett. Around 10 crore nett is down to Baahubali in South India and also because the film did not perform well in Tamil Nadu / Kerala where it was 5 crore nett less than PK which is a huge amount for such a small circuit.


The rest 12 crore and more is down to ticket pricing and more competition in its run than PK. Below are the weekly figures for Bajrangi Bhaijaan and PK for the first six weeks. 


All India Six Weeks Comparison Bajrangi Bhaijaan V PK
Week Bajrangi Bhaijan PK
One 1,83,52,00,000 1,81,26,00,000
Two 86,28,00,000 96,37,00,000
Three 28,76,00,000 41,32,00,000
Four 10,65,00,000 12,72,00,000
Five 3,78,00,000 4,17,00,000
Six 1,49,50,000 1,13,50,000
TOTAL  3,14,48,50,000 3,36,97,50,000

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Offcourse Bajrangi Bhaijaan is d clear winner...
as PK has backed by Hirani n Aamir -Hirani after 3 idiots was nt a joke n Aamir playing an Alien n his poster with Radio...
bt BB on d othr hand had Kabir - Salman reunion after ETT was huge bt compare to Aamir-Hirani-3idiots was much bigger..
n lastly BB had a strong competition frm Baahubali in south n evn in mumbai too..

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Yep, and ticket prices were more for PK. I mean, considering more people have already watched PK, at least more tickets have been sold, BB is a clear a winner. I mean, add Bahubali's collection and footfall and who knows how far it could have gone.


Yup agree mahn..
bt still happy dt it crossed d 300cr mark in india n crossed all srk starrers in overseas lol

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One of finest movie did blowing bussiness...as far as comparison with PK... BB is clear winner..though.. less in final lifetime.
Congrates..to all SAL Fans... !!!

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Sallu not SAL...........


Salman Khan... so in short... just.. SAL...hope nothing offensive

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Finally Bhai gave a Hit like KKHH on his own......................

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Ironically, Salman had contributed KKHH too. Without him the climax would've fallen flat & KKHH would've never been the same.

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