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+2 votes
Dekho na Bhai ne kitni badi Hit di thi

Bhai ke fans ne apne super duper star ko Kitne votes kiye hain wahhh

in Box Office Related by Casting Director (19.9k points)
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lol, bhai survey has yeh tou, hahaha. Itna puranna survey, survey ko koi sahi tarrah judge bhi nahi kar sakta. Par 70 crore 1994 mein, hehehehe, story banatte raho abb, par 70 crore kabb? 1994 mein, lol.


Wow Bhai ke 70Cr Bhai chaa gye Dekho
Tabhi ka poll hai aur tabhi ka news hai



Bhai hindi nahi aatti!!! Wesse 70 crore kab cross kiya tha Shahrukh ne? Our highest grosser pehle kis actor ki film ne di? hehehe


Lol this filmfare was such a shit magazine n fake fare awards were bought by srk by playing a real life maayaa memsaaab type relation with thm..
even whn Salman shattered d box office with Dabangg bt still all awards in max categories won by Dabangg xcept best actor which srk bought such a cheap person n his fanz are d biggest hypocrites in d world... shame on saruk..

5 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer

Thanks for the info. Bhai fans will not like this post... but this is very good post. if possible..every users should give such post.... with BO data..with old articles. .etc. This article in hindi... just amazing.. where you got it mahn. You are great. Thanks for the info.
And yes... salman career has been saved by SAJAN n HAKHK. and its proved.

by Executive Producer (65k points) 1 flag
selected by

yes..... sure...... thnks.....


Karan Arjun

Ye tou fokat ki hits mil gyi sallu ko kch karna bhi nhi pada chandrachur bhi hota tb bhi utni hi chalti hai ye films baaki cast ki wajah se hahaha


Damn right....... ha ha ha......


Salman Fans HAHK ka Naam.aise lete hain jaise Salman ne Hit kra di ho film Itna craze tha Salman ka ki Fav Hero 1994 aur 1995 mein 1% votes mile bhaijaan ko kisine puch bhi nhi HAHK mein Salman Bhai ko

+3 votes

No doubt Akhsay was way bigger star than salman during HAHK........................the only fact which saved salman big time is that always gives extra attention and support to acors like salman while akshay having zero media hype........

by Executive Producer (66.1k points) 1 flag
+1 vote

Hahahaha...........Now this is what we call Kehke Lena......Post of the day undoubtedly.............

by Producer (101k points) 2 flags
0 votes

shame on srk who always use kajol stardom everytime whenever he is out of top5.also no 120 cr grrosser without deepika its shamefull for the actor who himself claim he is king in the world..hahaha.....................
maratha mandir king.....................

by Casting Director (18.8k points)

Sonakshi!!! lol!!!! Our wesse Ready ko bhool gaye? 125 crore, No sonakshi or Eid. But Srk, no 110 crore grosser without Diwali and Deepika.


Ready was due to Asin....
No 110 cr...Don 2(118 cr all versions) ko bhool gaye???waise Salman has zero 100 cr(even he has not crossed even 80 cr) without Masala Genre....


Bhai, all versions, asin, lol!

Ab Bajrangi Bhaijaan ko bhi masala kehte ho, kya karsakte hain.


BB was not a Masala movie? happy. lol

0 votes

Look who is talking :p
Shahrukh Khan ko pehli blockbuster Salman ne di thi, varna woh us waqt tak idher udher heroine oriented films kar raha tha.. Jo Salman ke aage peeche 'Sir Sir' kehta phirta tha, Jo aaj bhi sirf doosroon ki help se hit de sakta hai :p Hahaha

Should i make a new thread specially for Ankit? ;-)

by Camera Operator (11.3k points)

shahrukh khan was in lead role in karan arjun,remember ajay left and salman took his role?
btw darr will be blockbuster when boi update their list of 1993 ,so it wont be his first,just wrote my op,i know you specielly target ankit,as i know you respect shahrukh khan


Mansoor ko Salman ka aukat pata chalega jab Baazigar aur Darr Blockbusters hoga updated BOI mein.....


lol rangeela was semi hit in old boi and now blockbuster?


Ale ale ale ale sach mein acha tou Srk ko Blockbuster Salman ne di thi hahaha what a joke
Look at this

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