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a good ques

but none to name actually.......maybe Juhi in PBDHH......she comes the closest

n yeah, Shaktimaan's performance in Guddu.........lol.........was definitely more loving

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ummm...im gonna say ....its not for us because our ticket k paise only goes to watching salman khan so like...... dosray k liye ...koi interest nahe hota..... nawaz was good in BB , Munni was good in BB .... but salman khan hi salman khan hai

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Anna in Main Hoon Naa..................Only One.

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Which film you prefer to watch during your death bed?
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Nawaz in Talaash
Sanjay Dutt in Agneepath

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Manoj Bajpai - Rajneeti
Amitabh Bachchan - Khakee
Vivek Oberoi - Shooutout at Lokhandwala

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Rekha in Biwi Ho Tu Aisi, and for others I can't even see the other actors when Salman is in the same frame.
Anil Kapoor: Tabu was greater in Virasat though Anil was also great.

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Rishi Kapoor in Agneepath. HR did well, but RK outclassed everyone in that movie. Rauf Lala was some performance

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saif in kal ho na ho
more relatable for me

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You can add Vicky kaushal also for Sanju. He made the movie watchable. Big achievement.


no one knew vicky kaushal before sanju and no one knows him after
his 2 minutes of fame is over and he should thank ranbir for giving him a 300 crore movie and katrina kaif


After Sanju, he had Uri. I dont think that was a flop. It made mammoth numbers without Hirani.


thats deshbhakti
anyone can give a hit in that genre

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Manisha koirala in Dil se.....

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