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Competition will start at 9 PM Sunday, 23 Aug 2015!

This post is only for the following users: LIST

These 3 players have been randomly allocated to Alliances with 1 spot left: I used this site to decide the teams.

  1. Markony - The Annihilators for Base price, ie 10 C.
  2. Burnout Paradise - The Ravagers "
  3. Lucifer - The Mob "

I have updated the Auction page with Funds balance details.


How many players can participate in this?

  1. More players, more the chances to win.
  2. At least 3 from each Alliances. And If an alliance fail to put together at least 3 members, then they have the option to sign a temporary contract worth of 20% share of the winnings, with any of the 4 Alliance remaining. Suppose Alliance B has only 2 members who can participate/be online at the time of competition, then they can join with an another Alliance, say Alliance D. And if they win the competition then Alliance B will be given 20% Share of the winnings by default. There is no limit in the winning share, Alliances can negotiate their own terms.
  3. If two Alliances have less than 3 members then they can sign the same temporary contract. Here the default winning share is 50/50%, alliances can negotiate their own terms.
  4. The Alliance with less than 3 participants can also stay put from the competition. No rewards if anyone decides to stay put.

How to play “Piece the bits”? (I would recommend each Alliances setting up a Chat Room/FB group before playing.) *optional*

  1. I will send clues to each participating alliance members. Now the owner will have to co-ordinate and piece together the clues to find out the ANSWER.
  2. There will be 3 Answers to fined out per Alliance, with 10 Clues each for all 3.
  3. Participating members of an Alliance ORthe 2 Alliances with a temporary contract, will be given 1 Clue each. So more the players participating, more the number of clues and more the chances to win. ;)



  1. Each participating member of the Alliance will be give 10 Points and 5 IBC EACH
  2. For guessing All movies correctly first, an Alliance will given 250 points and 75 IBC. For guessing all movies correctly second, will be given 150 Points and 50 IBC, and the Alliance coming third will be given 100 Points and 25 IBC.

How to participate? (READ IT PROPERLY)

You have time till 1PM IST 23 Aug 2015 to submit the names of the members participating. Only submit the names of the users who can take part in the game, which will start at 9PM IST 23 Aug 2015! So contact the members, discuss whether they can participate or not and Submit the names. 

  1. Use this FORM to submit the participant details if your Alliance participating on its own. 
  2. Use this FORM, if you opted to form an Association by signing a contract with another Alliance.

Use the time till deadline to discuss properly and then submit the names of the participants. No need to rush and submit the details prematurely and keep asking me to change it. Please. :p

asked in Box Office Battle by Assistant Director (47.7k points)
99% Accept Rate

One example to explain this and will we have to add you in our group so that you could give the clues.


Each Clues will be send to participating members Forum PM inbox.

Its a simple Guess a Movie kinda competition with few modifications which I have explained in the Post section with some extra details in the comment section.

If you have any doubts, feel free to ask me.


Yaar hummarri team abhi exactly set nahi hui hai, lol.


Okay, so there is no time limit then it's not about answering quickly, I guess and it's not that whoever answers fastest would be the winner then what exactly is the competition? lol
And I mean, you asked for users name to whom he has to send the clues, if that's just a simple task of finding the answer and then replying with no time limit then why not just send clues to any member of the teams

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Let the Battle begin the Invinsibles are ready to rock n win at any cost.. hip hip hurray!

answered by Second Unit Director (79.9k points)
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One example to explain it.

answered by Super-star (166k points)

Puneet became Rancho..
Bahti hawa sa tha wo
Kahan gya usse dhundho...


@filmman pm me ur whatsapp no..


Nahi hai whatsapp, nahi hai whatsapp, nahi hai whatsapp.

Facebook ki link send kar raha hoon. Friend request bhej denna


Filman I have sent u request plz reply.

0 votes

3 members ke naam kaha dene hai......

answered by All Time best! (267k points)

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