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Salman khan as pk,Aamir khan as dabangg,Srk as Akbar,Hr as Devdas

You take these cases and imo they will go heavily wrong.So some roles are only made for certain to perform or some perform them that well that you cant imagine anyone else.

Of these 4 which u think is still possible and it may suit them?
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None of these would really suit any of them, but HR in Devdas comes the closest.


But still hr woudnt suit in the role.

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Salman as P.K = Would not be good option at all as it could be played by aamir and SRK only
Aamir as Bajrangi :- again not good option as Salman was only made to do this role i mean kabir khan made the role suitable for Salman only and thats why salman perform the best
SRK as Akbar :- acting was it would have been good but still historical movies doesnt suits SRK like ashoka
Hrithik as Devdas:- he would be good choice to play devdas he might not have nailed the performance like srk did but still would have been good

So dear Everyone played their role like it was made for them only
aamir was good choice for pk
Salman Good choice for BB
SRK good Choice For Devdas
Hrithik Good choice for jodha akbar

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Its aamir as dabangg i am talking.


still bro aamir as dabaang doesnt make sense , from where does aamir look dabaang

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HR may have been 2nd best choice for Devdas. But no one should change. They make those roles their own.

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SRK as Akbar, i liked his Emperor style very much in Asoka.........it was just that role of Asoka was not written that greatly as Akbar of Jodha Akbar............and main thing is, biographically SRK was more suitable than Hrithik for playing Akbar as Akbar was not tall plus didn't have green eyes

FACT: when Ashutosh Gowariker came to SRK with three scripts including Swades n Jodha Akbar, even SRK liked Jodha Akbar the most n wanted to do it but Ashutosh said his father says Swades should be made as it will become a big Hit in terms of relating to Indian present issues.....so SRK said, as quoted by SRK himself, anything that father or mother wants, we should do it

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Actually that might really be right, I can't imagine Shahrukh fighting cause the main thing that comes to mind was physique but come to think of it, with clothes on in fighting scenes, Shahrukh wouldn't have been that bad in Jodha Akbar, lol.

Also, you commented under my comment above right? It says Baadhshah commented in updates but no damn comment!


hahah........i guess isilye Ashutosh ny apnay father ka naam ly kr SRK ka dil rakh leya hoga.....otherwise Ashutosh actually meant 'TUMSE NA HO PAYEGA'

yaar i commented first n then it became like an answer so maine hide kr deya comment or wohi chez answer kr di

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Aamir akbar mein accha lagega..........................

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