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Bold comedy great. !! Good that he is trying different genres... Shaandar needs to collect 100 cr for him to excel as a star...

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Hopefully it will enter 100 crore club...

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....watttt?????.....i just found a shahid kapoor fan?.........holaaaaa...........

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Really???its just bcoz u havent come out to the real world after 2000!!!

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Shahid's recent upcoming filmography is envy for others.

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well I think Shahid need to sign some good entertainers rather then experimenting. He already proved himself as an actor. So iw ould prefer some entertaining movies and then 1 or 2 experiment. None the less all the best for the film.

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Yeah man I too wanted him to do some entertainers to gain confidence at boxoffice but hopefully these movies can help with that...


I said that bcoz motwane's films aren't big box office draw. But hopefully he gets his due at least. Coz even less talented varun and sid got some success. Shahid deserves but sadly he didn't get it. Hope his lady luck changes now.

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