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How does the auction work?

The users who registered for Box Office Battle and are not owners will be put into auction IPL style. Since this is the first season, registered members will be categorized/seeded based on points/activity. Each category will have 5 members. Owners will get 1000 IBC budget to bid on these players. Owners can buy only 1 Player from each category.


Category 1: Player A,B,C,D,E,F

Pallav(Owner) can only get one of the above player. Once he gets the player from that category, he is done until Category 2 Players auction starts.

There will be auction every 4 weeks. Inactive members will be replaced with new users. And if the owner is not satisfied with a user in the Alliance, he can put him up in auction after 4 weeks.(Max 2 Players can be sold at one Window)

Owners please do keep in mind that the 1000 IBC you get is not for this Auction alone. So don't break the bank for one user, coz its necessary that each Alliance buy one player each from all categories, if failed to do so, you will not be allowed to participate. ;) Don't worry IBC's can be earned from the games and competitions. 


Category A:

  1. ThunderBird
  2. Anand1199
  3. Filman
  4. Fullmetal
  5. Abbie

Category B:

  1. Dipokbarman
  2. Ankit007
  3. Raja
  4. IRDWhelp
  5. Criminal

Category C:

  1. Tyler Durden
  2. Thekai100
  3. Charlierunkle
  4. Salmirk
  5. Cultcharm

Category D:

  1. Suhas
  2. Invisible
  3. Tony
  4. Moviezfun
  5. Sihan

Category E:

  1. Abdul
  2. Hasan
  3. GreekGod
  4. Kabir
  5. Super Rocking Khan

Category F:

  1. Mr. A
  2. RAhil
  3. Ajay90
  4. Santosh
  5. ShajanDeepu

Category G:

  1. Kowsigan
  2. Karan Khan
  3. Iamlostsoul
  4. Bhootnathh
  5. No Autographs Please

Since its the first season, the base price for all players will be 10 C. 

  • Budget is 1000C. So spend wise and don't spend a LOT on JUST ONE player.
  • 1 minute bid time. If you miss then you are OUT of the bid for that player.
  • ONLY BIDS during bidding of a player. 
  • 5 Players are there in each category. You get to draft ONE from each category. Once you get that ONE, you are removed from the auction until the next category.
  • You can PASS on a player and you will be OUT of the bidding for that player.


If any one wants to promote their company/organization by sponsoring prize for this competition then please contact us at indianboxofficeonline@gmail.com


asked in Box Office Battle by Assistant Director (47.8k points)
100% Accept Rate

is it happening now, if yes then have you talked with all owners.? are they available..??


do add me............


looks good! It will be held n wednesday?


What kind of competetion this will be quiz who answers first will that team get points plz explain if u can

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2 lol, there should be atleast 10 ibc base price so that people use some brain while in auction lol

answered by Mega Star (204k points)
selected by

I had thought of setting different Base price for diff categories. But it wont be possible since its the first season.

Based on the performance of players in this season, we'll set base price for the next season's auction.

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Auction kaha hoga bhai...whatsapp pe GRP banalo..ya mai banata hu

answered by All Time best! (267k points)

It would be nice agar hum Publicly kar paye, so I'm creating a chat room for us. It will be nice if users can see this whole thing?


Kaha hai chat room


Jatinder, Pallav and Naya Yug are free from tomorrow 12 noon onwards. Check the group.


I'll make the Chat Room and send you guys the link on FB.

0 votes

I am also a registered user.............Please add me too.

answered by Unit Manager (37.6k points)

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