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so weird guys.
asked in Movie Discussions by Star (145k points)
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the truth behind king’s consistent

king is releasing his movies on Diwali since 1993(Bazigar)

king always works with A List’s actress

always stuck to yrf n dharma.when ever he gave a flop with other filmmakers he came back to yrf n dharma

most of his hits n superhits come from yrf n dharma productions(most popular filmmakers in india)

king has 15 100cr ww grosser (10 out of 15 come from yrf n dharma)

from 2005 king released max 2 movies only per year .last time he got 3 releases in 2004 ,VZ,swades,MHN

answered by Set Designer (1.8k points)
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Okay so let me give my thoughts regarding your points.

  1. Srk releasing his films on Diwali since Baazigar. Ok leave that he has many films which weren't release in Diwali, but tell me why would an actor want to release a film in non holiday if he is getting holidays? Do you think if Salman would have offered Baazigar he would have say "no not Diwali, some other day please!". Srk releasing his films on Diwali because he is getting the Diwali's, and what Salman has done when he came on Diwali? All knows the results. And now when Salman is being consistent, again he is relying on his favorite release period "Eid", then why should Srk choose a different release date other than his favorite "Diwali"?

  2. Srk sticks with A-list heroines. Go back, and see..His first film was Deewana, and then he worked with actresses like Kajol & Juhi Chawla which weren't at all as big as Madhuri Dixit at that time, the actress behind Salman's biggest ATBB. On the other hand Srk sticked with actresses like Juhi & Kajol and he made them big. Even now, he is the reason why the two top heroines, Anushka & Deepika is here. So you see, he always sticks with heroines, and he made them all 'big'.

  3. Yrf & Dharma Production are the two production house who relied on Srk. Whenever they had any flop, They came back to Srk. Otherwise do you think whenever Srk had a flop he would call Dharma or Yrf and order them to give him a film? Yash Chopra himself admitted that Srk is his favourite choice & whoever Srk comes with Yrf it's at least a hit, on the hand, Dharma was no big production before KKHH,the first film of Karan Johar that worked coz of Srk.

  4. Most of his superhits came from Yrf & Dharma, that's because he did most of his films with Yrf and Dharma. Not a rocket science that he used to be the first choice for every Yrf or Dharma film that time.

  5. Again the same. Yrf & Dharma isn't PIXAR or 20th Century Fox that overseas people would go for the film just bcz of the banners name. lol.

  6. He always released max two films per year. So you wanted him to be Akshay Kumar? sorry he was never.

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That's a weird question by a weird guy who is thinking some weird things..

answered by Director (135k points)
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300 crore to tum log Jai Ho ke liye predict kar rahe the jo Ra.One se bhi pit gayi.....Yeh kya Ho gaya.

answered by All Time best! (283k points)