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Dil To Pagal Hai-2.9512 cr...

Pardes-2.0475 cr...

Koyla-1.4618 cr...

Yes Boss-0.9971 cr...

Total-7.3576 cr...

All 4 are successful movies....

Combined Footfalls of SRK's movies in 1995 would be more(when BOI will update) IMO should be 11 cr ......
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Right SRK will have much higher footfalls in 1995. Salman in 1994 will also challenge as HAHK alone will have 6cr footfalls.

by Assistant Director (41.7k points)
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I think footfalls of SRK's movies of 1995 would be->DDLJ-5.88 cr+KA-3.9 cr+RJ-1.3 cr+Trimurti-0.96 cr+(ODYHI+ZD+Guddu)-1 cr.....12 cr+ atleast....HAHK ka approx. 6.7 cr hoga...Aur AAA ko chhor kar aur kounsa movie hai?


He also had Sangdil sanam and Chaand ka tukda in 1994. Chaand ka tukda was a grosser so footfalls will be 1cr+. Total footfalls could touch 9cr in 1994.


still SRK will be only superstar(since 1980) who has given 10 cr+ footfalls in a single year(1995)..

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Srk is bound to beat his own record of this 7.35cr footfalls.

Talking about others,

Salman Khan in 1999 = 8,13,32,000 (8.13 crore footfalls)

Hum Saath Saath Hain = 2,85,18,000
Biwi No.1 = 1,97,43,000
Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam = 1,78,53,000
Hello Brother = 80,75,000
Jaanam Samjha Karo = 71,43,000

Sunny Deol in 2001 = 7,55,10,000 (7.55 crore footfalls)

Gadar Ek Prem Katha = 5,05,73,000
Indian = 1,60,42,000
Farz = 78,87,000
Kasam = 10,08,000

by All Time best! (265k points)
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i had written "all 4 movies r successful) in the information tell any star(of course current superstars/stars) crossing those footfalls in a single year without giving any unsuccessful movies???its not even SRK in 1995 otherwise I could have written about it where its 12 -13 cr footfalls instead of 7.35 cr footfalls.....I forgot to mention it in title though.....


Well your information is for Shah Rukh right? So you're saying that crossing that record with "unsuccessful" films is easier?

Where's the logic here? How can you count the audience who watched hit films & leave out the same for flop films?

You need hit films or successful films to calculate the hit % & success %. Why do you need them for counting "footfalls"?


100% success ratio with good footfalls or 60% success ratio with slightly more footfalls with the help of 1 more movie.....better???


Why are you interlinking footfalls with success ratio in this case? You need footfalls to assess the hit or success ratio but why do you need success ratio to assess footfalls?

And you particularly asked for "single year" not the number of movies.

Look your question is valid when you had mentioned 1995 for Srk... In this case you mentioned 1997 where he had 7.45cr footfalls. He will enjoy most number of footfalls in an year post 90's, it's just that you made it easy to break by taking 1997 into consideration. I get your excitement, in that excitement you went with 1997. Go behind 2 years then even I can't think for sure which actor from current superstar will break his record.

+2 votes

Oh no.this year also salman is dominating.v srk fans r really fed up of salman n aamir.wen ll v king fans ll get chance to do lungi dance.last time v got a chance to dance on chennai express in 2013 thanks to salman absense. It lasted for only 3 months as krrish n dhoom 3 stopped our chennai express n blow our lungi. last year also v danced wid joy at time of happy new year bt dat lasted for only weekend. On Monday we srk fans falled so badly v forgot dancing. Now v r waiting for dilwale which ll give us chance to dance whole year not 1 or 2 days.n if our king fails to do once again den v ll say again d dialogues like
1.haar kar jeetne wale ko baazigar kahte hain.
2.bade bade deshon mein aisi chhoti chhoti baatein hoti rahti hain.
N last bt not least
3.picture Abhi baaki hai mere dost.
Ye saal nhi toh fir next year.

by Set Designer (1.8k points)
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even BOI declared SRK biggest star of all I don't want to argue with jealous haters like you....keep barking.....


can you explain how srk is top actor in 2006 and 2008 and also 2009 when he had a flop in billu?

BOI has only rights to give coll,verdict etc but ave no right to declare who is biggest or who is flopest of all is v fans who decide who is biggest or not.


pehle star ranking criteria padh feku
This Criteria for STAR RANKING is as follows.
The points are based on the weekend
collections. The GROSS and not NETT
collections are taken as there can be a film
which is Tax Free which would not give a
correct outcome.
There is a threshold point which is a regarded
as a good opening and then points are plus
and minus depending on hum higher or lower
they are then the threshold point.
The present thresholds are as follows.
2015 Q1 - 49 cr
2015 Q2 - 50.50cr
2015 Q3 - 51 cr
These thresholds are judged on how opening
weekend business in rising or falling on a year
on year basis.
The collections on the major holidays are
adjusted to give a better picture and they
judged at what level the non holday
collections fall at bethe day before, or next
day or a couple of days later.
The overseas ranking follows a same system
and here the threshold is $2.3 million and has
held at that level for some time as there has
been no growth in the opening business for
the normal Hindi film..
The Worldwide ranking is the India points plus
20% of the Overseas points as that is approx
value of the Overseas market in terms of
revenue compared to the India market..
The entry and exits of stars in the system is
dependent on the initials. A -1000 point figure
in India means an exit. A few bad initials will
also mean an exit. An entry will happen if an
star makes a big initial in a film or a couple
of films open well. This is also dependent on
how much credit the star takes for the initial
as gaints other factors.
This Criteria for TOP ACTOR / ACTRESS in the
The star ranking is totally based on box office
initials and nothing else. Here everything is
taken into account to show the actual
popularity. It takes into accout the boxoffice
as well as other factors like, genre, the
makers,the setup, release period, the real
effect of that film on a career and everything
else contributing to the position of an artist.
The point systen works on a yearly basis and
a film released towards the end of the year
will be effectibve in the following year. There
will be a years when an artist will be down on
points despite openings and success but this
will be becasue the system will see the year
not as strong as the previous unless the build
up to a big year is strong. This is basically
our system showing how popular an artsite
was and when.
There are more artistes tracked and if success
is consistent for years they will show up on
the charts. An artiste is tracked when they
meet with boxoffice stardom and until they
phase out. A popular artiste may not have
releases but the stardom does not fall away
overnight so there will be people in the charts
despite no releases. An actor going below 500
is seen as phase out and the the actress level
is 350.Only thirty years maximum will be
applied as nobody lasts that long as a real
box office star.
The same methods are applied to actors and
actresses and in some years it could mean an
actress having as much or even more
popularity than an actor. If any artistes are
missing you can send the names to admin@
boxofficeindia but it will on our discreton
whether they wil be put on the charts.


weekend gross of billu was more than 3 idiots?
weekend gross of rnbdj was more than ghajini?
i guess weekend gross of dhoom2 was more than don or kank.

+2 votes

Are Kyun maazaq kar raha hai..................kaun todega yeh record..........

by All Time best! (285k points)
+2 votes

Sab ki Sab solo Srk starter films hai 4 films 4 successfuf films
1997 ki biggest budget film border thi 10Cr Fir koyla 8Cr par BOI ne Koyla Budget ko 8Cr se 12Cr krke Avg krdi wrna wo bhi Hit hai

Jo Salman ki 1999 year se compare kr rhe hain unko bta di Salman ne 5 films mein se 2 flops di aur jo Hit hui wo Multistar hain
Hddcs mein tareef Aishwarya le gyi aur usme Ajay bhi hai
HSSH mein Sab tareef Saif aur Karishma le gye
Biwi No.1 mein Sab tareefe Karishma aur Anil Kapoor

by Casting Director (19.9k points)

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