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My review of Salman Khan's KICK's music - JUKEBOX I.




suhas KIIIICCCKKKAAA !!! 4/5
nyamad I thoroughly enjoyed the film and from experiences, definitely not missing another Salman film in theatres. The atmosphere was just amazing. The film gave an overdose of entertainment. The first half may have been slow, but it is completely made up with the exhilarating second half with grande finale. 4/5
Charlie Go & watch it, have some entertainment this weekend but don't enter with huge expectations. 2.5/5
Grand Nova 1- its 3 times better then ek tha tiger 
2- its 6 times better then dhoom 3
3- think of best movie of akshay kumar ..its 35 times better then that 
4- its something salman khan fans can feed on after being hungry for such a long time.
Navoarsenal Kick is paisa vasool entertainer,mainly due to second half.Watch it only if you can appreciate commercial entertainers. 3.5/5
Criminal Overall, Kick has everything to call "Dhoom 4" if the chases would have been in Bikes.  3.5/5
LORD - 3.5/5
Tyler Durden I don't like Salman , I don't like Jacqueline , but this predictable movie entertained me 2.5/5
Anand1199 The First Question is does the film deliver the Kick.Yes , it does but in bits and pieces. 3.5/5
Intense  It's full paisa vasool not meant to be analysed. Ye dil men aati hai, Samajh men nahi. 3.5/5
sanjeev11  First half is just about good but it sure does make you laugh at various points, but whatever the first half lacks is fulfilled by the fascinating second half. 3.5/5
puneetshukla At last just wanna say Movie is Salman's best after Wanted and entertains ..1st half could have been a lot better..watch it guys and get your kick 4/5
dipokbarman I'm not a die hard salman fan he is my 3rd fav actor. But really i loved kick very much. It is the 3rd best film of 2014 till now. 4/5
rajendra007 its most entertaining movie of salman after wanted 4.5/5
Sanal A must one time watch movie. 3.5/5
Filman Very good film, Salman actually came with something real good afterall. NR
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I will share my experience when i watched this movie last year...I went with my Xavier's friend...Some went forcefully and some went aise hi or due to Randeep...They all ridiculed the first half of movie and didn't let me see as well...3 of the friends left after interval...i watched the 2nd half acche se and liked it...After the movie all friends were making fun of Salman and were judging me because i was a Salman fan....i gave an average review of Kick and said i didn't like 1st half ..Same day in evening i went with Cousin and sister in law and i thoroughly enjoyed the movie...Since then i have watched around 10 times and it's been one of my favourite movie of Salman....4/5.... .5 increased due to Repeat viewing

by Producer (102k points)
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Jumme Ki Raat Hai Chumme Ki Baat Hai Allah Bachaye Mujhe Tere Vaar se

by All Time best! (283k points)
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One of the best entertainers of salman....

btw what about LORD BLANKA's review..??

by Mega Star (208k points)

LORD = 3.5/5

You can't expect more words from LORD mahn !!!

+1 vote

Thanks for such great post & reminding me about the excitement i had before the release & how much entertained i was after watching the movie. Loved it :-D

by Camera Operator (11k points)

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