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Interesting argument raised against BOI underreporting Krrish 3 figures on Indicine

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I have observed that Boxofficeindia has been reporting very low figures for Krrish 3..A few days back on 13th Nov they reported that K-3 has a second week nett collection of 46 crores.Now they are saying it is 42.86 crore. I have been observing it that they have been repeatedly trying to bring down the collections.I dont know the reason behind it. May be they want to show hrithik as no-4 behind the 3 khans..
Second thing opening day of k-3 according to them is only 15 crore(Hindi only) whole for Ramleela also it is similar..How it is possible as both had same occupancy..than how can Ramleela have same collections as K-3 with much less screens. Its clear BOI is underreporting for Krrish...

asked Nov 18, 2013 in Old by nolaniitjee Assistant Director (41,351 points)
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I havent written this. it was written by a Hrithik fan on Indicine on the given link.
But i found this little interesting.
and why are SRKiaans burning so much lol

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They did that with many films they first reported ce second week as 40 cr
but then they changed it into 38 crs and for many more old films they first reported that OSO collected 85 crs making it highest grosser but they later changed it and many more cases are of these type they
just are trying to be as accurate as they can whenever they get better
collections they update it and all these comments are just efforts to degrade boi nothing

and acc to boi k3 opening is 18.8 cr

answered Nov 18, 2013 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (202,516 points)
selected Nov 18, 2013 by nolaniitjee
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If They Want To Bring Down Krrish 3 Then Why They Given 46cr Early Estimate . They Can Give It 40cr . They Also Reduced JTHJ And SOS Collection . So What ?

answered Nov 18, 2013 by Maruf Sarker Producer (112,293 points)
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Krrish 3 is not under reported. Even BOI earlier used to say that Krrish 3 will break each and every record. Then why will they prove themselves wrong? And why didn't you say anything when they decreased around 12cr from 1st week collections of JTHJ and SOS ? BOI has clearly mentioned that they receive exact figures only at the end of a week so this is normal that they decrease collections at the end of week. For CE also they said that 2nd week collections are around 40cr but later reduced them to 38.7cr at the end of the week.Still if you don't want to follow BOI then please don't follow it because it will have no impact even if it has 1-2 followers decreased.

answered Nov 18, 2013 by Salmirk Assistant Director (41,646 points)
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Aamir fan losing trust in BOI...........hypocrites....

answered Nov 18, 2013 by Deleted User Id - 0

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